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Southwest Christmas Tree Decorations

Updated on March 21, 2011

Southwest Christmas tree decorations are becoming more and more popular each year. People in the Southwest United States do things a little differently than in most parts of the country and they have developed a style of design and decoration all their own over the years. Southwest décor often includes varying colors of mauve and teal along with pattern designs that hail from the Native American tribes indigenous to the area, particularly the Hopi and Navajo. Originally these designs were used in the interior design of homes and offices, but in recent years it has branched out to include other aspects of Southwest life. The rising trend in Southwest Christmas tree decoration is evidence of that.

Southwest Christmas Tree decorations can range from quaint Navajo designed ornaments that really do fit in one a Christmas tree rather than looking out of place as one might think to designs that may seem outlandishly un-Christmas (such as saguaro cacti ornaments and no lie ornaments shaped like tumbleweeds). In fact, in places like Phoenix, Arizona some people go all out and design entire Western Christmas scenes in their yards, complete with snowmen made of tumbleweeds.

Southwest Christmas styles and decorations may be a little too specialized to go over well in, say; Minneapolis or Boca Raton, but they are definitely commonplace in places like Phoenix and Santa Fe. If you're interested in adapting a Southwest décor for your next Christmas celebration you can find everything you need at your nearest Wal-Mart if you live in a Southwest state. If not, the only option you may have is mail order or internet shopping to buy Southwest Christmas tree decorations for your home.

The concept of a mauve and teal Christmas tree may seem a bit odd to the uninitiated, but it really can be a sight to behold and it is sometimes nice to see how pretty a Christmas tree can be with less than traditional decorations adorning it.

Christmas is all about the warm feelings shared by families and friends during a time of togetherness and threes no reason that it has to be confined to the traditional reds and greens that have been associated with the holiday for as long as we can remember. As such, there is no reason not to use Southwest Christmas tree decorations in your home if you want to.

And, if you've been to an Arizona souvenir shop you've probably seen the Arizona Snowman, a snow globe full of water and the floating bits that would usually adorn a snowman: tiny coal eyes, a top hat and a floating carrot nose.

Of course, not everyone in the Southwest states uses Southwest Christmas tree decorations and there are plenty of more traditional Christmas ornaments and tinsel and garland available for those who would rather stick with the familiar red and greed Christmas motifs. The Southwest Christmas theme is spreading, however.

Once seen in just the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of California, the Southwest Christmas tree decorations are now showing up in the surrounding states of Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Apparently the theme is catching on quite a bit.


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    • sid_candid profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice Hub on Christmas Tree Decorations. Thanks for sharing.


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