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Spanish-themed Gifts: Do You Need Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves Spain?

Updated on November 24, 2016

Do you know someone who really, really loves all things Spanish? Do they go crazy for Spanish-language arthouse films, Spanish history, Spanish food like paella, gazpacho and turron durro, Spanish literature and flamenco dancing? What do you do when this person’s birthday is due any day now? You go looking for gifts with a Spanish theme, of course! But what? What do you buy for the person who loves everything Spanish? Let me come up with a few suggestions for you, mi amigo!


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Hablo Espanol?

En Espanol, Por Favor!

Does you friend dream of becoming fluent in the Spanish language? If so, then you can help him or her out with a present designed to enhance their Spanish language skills such as the great Rosetta Stone products. Personally I have bought dual text fiction books such as Penguin’s ‘Short Stories In Spanish’, as well as Spanish language books that I’ve already read in English, e.g. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. (El Diablo Viste a la Moda!) Perhaps it's difficult to follow and comprehend every word initially, but if you get into the flow it really helps with picking up vocabulary, i find.

More practical Spanish Language aids might be a Spanish/English dictionary or thesaurus or a Spanish language phrasebook or workbook such as ‘Spanish For Dummies’ or a Berlitz book. Practical, useful, and possibly a little bit prosaic and unromantic, yes. But useful!

Great Spanish Literature

Of course, when speaking of great Spanish literature, there is really one name that springs immediately to mind, and that’s Cervantes. Has your pal read Don Quixote yet? If not, then getting hold of an English translation of the tale of the eccentric knight and his trusty valet might be a great gift idea. Or even a Spanish language version, if the recipient you have in mind has ambitions towards fluency in the language!

Food From Spain: How About An Edible Gift?

Of course, when it comes to Spanish flavoured gifts, there’s nothing quite like a delicious taste of one of the specialities of the country! Spain is famous for its almonds, as well as its olives. Why not give one of the delicious nougats flavoured with almonds that hail from Spain? Some are soft, some are hard and coated in rice paper, and they are all utterly delicious. If you can leave it alone long enough to give it, your friend will love it!

Spanish Cinema: Let’s Go To The Movies

There are lots of excellent Spanish-language movies out there: as well as assisting in language acquisition, many of them are also very enjoyable. Recent examples are ‘The Orphanage’, ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’. Pedro Almodovar is also a very famous Spanish director who has produced many highly acclaimed arthouse movies. You can check a lot of regular Hollywood DVDs for Spanish audiotracks, too – you’d be surprised just how many have one. (And the dubbing can be highly amusing!)

Shut Up And Dance!

Is your pal a devotee of flamenco music? There’s a vast selection on Amazon of CDs and downloads to cater to this particular obsession, as well as lots of other styles of music by Spanish and Spanish-speaking artists. Or if the recipient is more of an active, athletic type, then how about a voucher for tuition fees for a flamenco dancing class? (Maybe some castanets too?) Hola!

I hope you’ve got some great ideas here for your Spain-loving friend: they’re going to love that gift when they get the wrapping off!

Oh, the hell of choosing presents

What gift do you get for a Spanish-loving someone?

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