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Special Christmas Gifts

Updated on December 15, 2015
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Hi My names Toya. I live in London UK and am working online selling products, blogging and writing reviews and articles like at Hub Pages.

Organizing Buying Christmas Presnts

It can be difficult choosing which Christmas presents to buy and for who.

It is a good idea to write a list of who and where you need to send your presents to.

You can also make a gift list of presents which you are going to open on Christmas day with family and friends.

This Hub Page gives different ideas for gifts over Christmas which are very popular year after year.

When you do your Christmas shopping you have to decide where to shop and how much you are going to spend.

For example, will you go to a General Department store or shopping mall? Or will you choose a boutique style shop for more personalized Christmas shopping?

Will you get the presents gift wrapped from the shop or do you like wrapping them yourself?

Once you have decided what you need you can start going out to shop and tick off the items on your list as you get them.

Then once you have all the presents, either already wrapped with a tag on them, or the ones you need to wrap, all you have to do is put them in bags and leave them ready for Christmas.

Christmas Present Photo

Christmas presents are usually nicely gift wrapped with bows and string, attached with gift tags.
Christmas presents are usually nicely gift wrapped with bows and string, attached with gift tags.

Gift Ideas Table


Perfume Gift Sets

Another good idea for a present is to buy a perfume set which usually comes with a body moisturizer and/or shower gel as well.

You will find special Christmas sets available in stores worldwide which offer discounted perfume gift sets.

From around £15 upwards you are guaranteed to find the perfect perfume and moisturizer sets usually coming in a nice gift wrapped box and sometimes with a free make up or cosmetic case.

Christmas Hampers + Gift Baskets

Getting a catalogue from a department store or from a specialty shop and ordering your special Christmas hampers and gift baskets is a fantastic way to send out a Christmas present. They come gift wrapped and with a card or gift tag attached. You can choose to send chocolates, sweet and biscuit assortments, cheeses and wines, nuts, dried fruit, champagne, flowers, teddies and kids assorted sweets and chocolates and so many more combinations.

You will also be able to choose different sized gift baskets and hampers and also the wrapping you want.

If you use the internet there are a lot of different shops you can choose from which offer free delivery and a free gift wrapping service.

It is worth doing a Google search for online ordering and delivering as you will special web offers and discounts available as well saving you money and time just with the click of a mouse.

Stocking Filler ideas

Do you put stockings up on your mantel piece? If so what are you going to fill them up with?

How about the following for some ideas?

  • some Christmas chocolates,
  • small desk top puzzles,
  • other novelty items,
  • small books,
  • small bottle of liqueur,
  • dried fruits, biscuits,
  • a bottle of wine or champagne,
  • small Christmas pudding

and lots more small present ideas to fill your stockings with.

You could also add some mini beauty and spa products to your stockings.

For example:

  • mini bubble bath
  • small travel size perfume
  • small mans perfume or cologne
  • small mans hairbrush
  • travel shaving kit
  • travel size manicure kit
  • trial size hand and body moisturizers
  • small Evian or other water facial brightening mist

I am sure you can find a lot of stocking fillers when you go out to shop.

It's a good idea to keep to a theme in the stockings and have in mind who they are for.

Stocking Filler Ideas On Vimeo

Giving Cookies For Christmas

Another good idea is to buy Christmas themed biscuits and give them as presents.

They usually come in a nice tin which you can keep as well if you want.

You can make biscuits yourself and print out labels on card boxes to give out to friends, family and other contacts.

Or you can buy assorted Danish, shortbread, and other biscuits wrapped in a bow and a decorated box.

You can make so many different themed types of cookies at home using easy recipes you can find online. Or you can buy them in bakeries and other shops which sell Christmas items.

Get small Christmas Tree shaped biscuits, Gingerbread Men, Snowment, Wreaths and lots more Christmas themed novelty biscuits assortments.

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What do you think?

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© 2013 Toya Christie


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