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Special Xmas gifts for men

Updated on November 11, 2011


Holidays are just around the corner. Everyone is excited about spending time with loved ones. Everyone is getting hyped about what gifts to get for everyone, especially us women .We are asking ourselves the same question year after year. What do we get for our men, fathers and sons?

Men are hard creatures to please. The one thing we all know is that they are gadget people.(Just like me) So when special times like christmas come and you need to buy them gifts, think gadgets first.Most gadgets are expensive but hey! this is Christmas season, everything in all stores is on some kind of special sale. Especially the coolest gadgets and toys. We all know that men are young souls..babies at heart.Lets go and find out whats available as gifts for men. I came up with cool ideas of what to entice them with. I am getting excited!All these are specials and deals for home, office and car. And you can get them at

1. GPS system

This is a great gift. We all know that men always get lost but hate the idea of stopping and asking for directions. They never admit to it though! So a GPS system will be a useful, convenient and cool tool to buy for them. Check this one out for the sake of your man arriving home in time and safe at They are on special as we speak.

2.Electronics-Digital Camera

When it comes to digital camera, there are a variety of choices.One of the top seller in the community is Canon Power-Shot SD4500IS .Canon Power-Shot SD4500IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD is available in multi colors.You can choose depending on what your man prefer. Most men of course don't care for girly colors like pink. So i suggest getting darker and masculine colors.Brown available at on holiday special sale.

3.External Portable Hard Drive

This is the best gift one could ever get for a man, especially in this era of computers, Internet, down loading and Hi Tech. It is good to back up his stuff incase he loses his documents on his computer. It is a life saver. Maybe one should consider buying this Western Digital My Passport Portable External Hard Drive as a gift as it is very convent and special.

4.Digital MP3 Player

What would the world be like without music and music toys! Almost every male in this world would appreciate a music toy.I know in the world of ipods and all, one wouldn't think a digital MP3 is useful. Get your man one and see his positive reaction. I recommend Visual Land V-Clip Pro 4 GB MP3 Player with Speaker.

5. Oscillating Tool Kit

If your man is a handy man then please consider the Oscillating multi-tool kit as a christmas gift.It has been specially designed to offer remodelers, carpenters, general contractors, and every man of who have control and the need to complete a variety of applications. You can use it for cutting wood, drywall, and nails to removing grout to scraping paint and caulk, the oscillating multi-tool tackles a wide variety of projects and tasks. It is useful and very convenient.


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