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Spooky Hauntings

Updated on October 20, 2015
Hollydale | Source
Rancho Los Amigos haunted halls
Rancho Los Amigos haunted halls | Source

Rancho Los Amigos Insane Asylum/Downey, CA

Dating back about 30 years an abandoned spooky, haunted, and diplitated insane asylum sits on a huge sprawling 600 acre ranch. The name of the ranch today is known as Rancho Los Amigos hospital in Downey, CA and it has yet to be opened to the public for over 30 years because something may happen on its insidious grounds. It actually is partially opened to the public because it has a rehabilitation center on one side of its vast grounds. No one really knows why it hasn't reopened leaving people to speculate whether or not it is safe at all. Hauntingly weird no one wants to keep it open.

An eerie and heavy weighing shadow hangs over the Insane Asylum and surrounding property at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital and Insane Asylum. Unexplainable noises, lights flickering, screams, and thumping sounds cut through the night air. Heavy pounding on walls and growling sounds break the silence of the night straight through and down the corridors of the Insane Asylum.

Just walking through its vastness it seems as though thousands of eyes decend upon you in an instant, and it does not matter whether or not it is day or night.

Rumors of body parts and human remains found in containers on this property abound therefore causing me to research further to confirm what may have happened in this creepy property. So I set out and researched whether or not any body parts where found in its haunted rooms. Just as I was thinking about this insane asylum further I was becoming scared at the thought of its occupants.

After researching, I found a article that the LA Times confirmed and published the find of remains discovered on this haunted and spooky property. The discovery was made on a Wednesday in October 2006, in a dipilitated room where a young marine made the grusome discovery. Upon opening the freezer a weird odor and heavy paranormal presence was felt by the marine. In the old and ancient freezer they opened containers and could see mummified body parts that were contained in its insidious walls. It was published that some 10 legs, feet and brain matter were in a package in the freezer. What is even more bizarre is there was no reason to maintain body parts in the asylum or why they were there.

So who and what was happening in the Rancho Los Amigos Insane Asylum? Some of the history is so blurred that no one can really verify, confirm, or deny some of the rumors; especially if the patients held in this asylum where just insane or criminally insane prisoners who where placed there in an effort to keep the community safe from harms way.

It is also rumored that a priest who had a service in the insane asylum was butchered with a knife by one of its scary and insane patients. The patient leaped from his chair and caught the priest in the throat blood spewed everywhere tainting the walls and as he slashed further the insane patient butchered the priest to death. The male patient then ran screaming and shreaking from the murderous site into the halls of the mental hospital. Upon running through the halls the other patients began to partake in the insane and chilling screams as the male patient unlocked there doors to the dorms. As they all ran through they began banging on the walls and throwing everything in their path into a disaray. The vary same screaming entities still lay in wait on the haunted grounds of Rancho Los Amigos waiting for their next victim to appear.

Previously known as the "Farm housing for homeless" or "Hollydale Farm" and "Friends Farm" it closed down in 1988 and has not been opened since.

The property was also the site of barracks and a training center but still remains closed due to the eerie haunting of its grounds. There are several videos available on YouTube where youth ventured inside to look for the spooky and creeping creatures that linger the halls of Rancho Los Amigos Insane Asylum or Hollydale Abandoned Asylum.

LA Times, 10-05-2006, J. Michael Kennedy, Staff Writer (Decades Old Body parts)


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Hollydale Abandoned Asylum


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