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St Valentine's Day Celebration / A Children's Valentine Spa Party

Updated on February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Kids

Chinese Adoption is a beautiful thing!

Before my granddaughter was born, both of my sisters each adopted children from China. I was fortunate enough to be asked to accompany one of them on her journey to China which is a memory I will cherish always. What a wonderful addition to our family! One sister even returned for another daughter. These were three special gifts that I am so thankful for. My granddaughter was my 4th special gift. I AM SO BLESSED! Only having one child myself, it bothered me that none of her cousins were her age. Imagine my delight when my granddaughter was instantly blessed with two cousins who are two years older and one that is two years younger!

Party Planning for Children

When you have multiple children nearly the same age it is so much fun to plan a party.

The first Valentine's Party I planned was a modest home party in which we decorated, gave them gifts, had them dress up and had a buffet style meal. We had a blast.

The second party we had, we had free use of a hall and let all the girls invite a friend, The theme for that party was Kentucky Derby. We also had adults in attendance and had everyone dress in outfits they thought would be appropriate for the Kentucky Derby. Some made their own hats for the occasion, but if they did not there were hats there that they could wear. We had activities and lots of finger food for our social. What a hoot!

Okay, now how are we gonna top that??

Enter the spa party!

Since we had four girls who were very obviously "FLUFF CHICKS", it just made sense! It had to be about pampering them and giving them all of the attention. It was their day. The only thing they needed bring was a nice dress for a planned dinner to end their wonderful party.

With the help of friends and family we gave these girls a day the would never forget.

The Grand Entrance

When they arrived (unsuspecting, of course) they were presented with terry cloth towel robes that my sister had made along with fluffy slippers (too big, of course), stretch leggings and t-shirts to wear while they were receiving their spa treatments.

Each had a box that contained several little items such as toasting glasses (for grape juice champagne), bubble bath, a pearl necklace and bracelet set and tiara. They also had assorted candy and and books.

They were so excited!

Each child took their own individual bubble bath and dressed for their spa treatments. I think they were the fastest baths in history. These girls wanted pampered!

The Massage

I borrowed a massage table from a friend and it was a huge hit!

Each child received a wonderful massage complete with facials and cucumbers for their eyes.

Foot Soak and Massage

Each child was seated to enjoy a foot soak and massage before their mani-pedis. As you can see, they enjoyed all the amenities that any spa would offer. Sparkling Champagne and reading materials are all you need!

The Mani-Pedi

I enlisted a friend who was more than willing to participate in the day's festivities by offering mani-pedis for the girls. They loved it!

The hair

My daughter used her hairdressing skills to provide each child with just the right look.

The Make Up

The baby of the bunch decided it was her job to apply all of the make up and did a wonderful job. I wasn't sure that we could keep her interested throughout the length of the party and was I ever wrong! I do believe she had the best time.

Just Chillin'

They toasted, drank champagne, giggled and read while waiting for their nails to dry.

Time for Dinner!

After a wonderful day being pampered like princesses, they put on their tiaras and we set off to complete their day with a group of friends and a meal at a local Italian Restaurant. They were delighted for all of the day's events and will cherish those memories forever.

Our memories: Being able to return the favor by giving them just a fraction of the joy they have all given us!

What Did All of This Cost?

Being an avid thrift and consignment shopper, it cost me very little to pull off this party. I also checked after Christmas sales at local chain stores to come up with the matching outfits at minimal pricing. A good execution of your plan is always to start shopping early and give yourself time to find the items you need. The magazines were purchased at a thrift store for about .25 each and provided a great deal of entertainment. The earrings were purchased in bulk at a local closeout store and the display was going to be discarded at another store and I asked if I could have it.

This party was such a huge success that I don't believe I can top it.

Well..nothing comes to mind right now, but you know how that goes!


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