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Star Wars Birthday Party Around $50

Updated on December 4, 2009

Be Sure to watch the invader of our Jedi camp at the end!

Use cardstock, images from google and creative wording to make a fun cheap invitation.
Use cardstock, images from google and creative wording to make a fun cheap invitation.
Take advantage of your media sources for cheap decorations.
Take advantage of your media sources for cheap decorations.
Light Saber Training with Balloons
Light Saber Training with Balloons
Get the your kids involved in constructing the Death Star.
Get the your kids involved in constructing the Death Star.

Create a Memorable Party without Dreading the Statement at the End of the Month

Our oldest son chose Star Wars as the theme for his first "drop off party" and it was a huge success. We were able to create a party full of wonderful memories for our five year old and his guests alike. Like most families, our budget is tight this year but we were able to pull off the party for 11 kids for about $50. Below is our family’s itinerary, a video summary of the day and some helpful links.

Invitation: Setting the tone for the party with a handmade card is a cheap and easy alternative to store bought cards. Find some creative wording such as "Go you must to Evan's Party" and add a picture of Yoda from a google image search. The key reason that our party was affordable is that we skipped serving a meal. Scheduling before or after lunch is an easy way to keep the cost down. Hand deliver them and they become a free part of the party.

Decorations: Music is one of the easiest and cheapest decorations you can add to a party. Do a library search of Star Wars music a couple weeks before and request a few CDs to use them to set the ambiance as the kids enter the house. Create a simple slideshow of star wars characters, burn them to a DVD and put them on a large TV or projection screen for each and cheap visual decorations (only cheap if you already have the tools).

Borrow toys from an older Star Wars fan and add to your own collection to give the kids something to do when they first arrive. Galactic Heroes are awesome because they are all one piece and easy to make sure everything can be returned when the party is done. Total Cost for decorations - $0.

Activities: We took an idea from Sonya Coverts article How to Produce a Homemade Star Wars Party and created four activities that the kids would need to complete as part of their Jedi training. Each child received a large sticker with their name on it and numbers 1-4 at the bottom. Each time they completed a task, they would receive a gold star. Cost - $2

  • Jedi T-Shirts: In lieu of grab bags, create Star Wars iron on T-Shirts for each child. Cheap white t-shirts ($2.50 each) and iron on transfer paper (10 sheets for $6.00 with a coupon) can be found at most craft stores. Search google for individual Star Wars characters. Copy and paste them into a word document so you can fit all of them onto 10 pages. When the kids arrive, have them choose a picture and watch as it is ironed onto the shirt. Save the shirts until after cupcakes to keep them clean. It's nice to have large array of options so the last kid who arrives doesn't get stuck with the last available picture. The kids LOVE being able to take home a shirt from the party and parents appreciate the absence of typical grab bag junk. Cost for 11 kids - $33.50.
  • Light Saber Training: A Star Wars party would be pretty lame without light sabers. But if you're going to give ten 5 year olds swords, you better figure out what they should do with them. The cheapest way to make a light a saber is to cut pool noodles (from your local dollar store) in half and wrap the "handle" with duct tape. Pick up some regular balloons for training and the pinata too. Cost $8
  • After each child receives a light saber, begin training with balloons. Bounce them as many times as you can, pass them back and forth, balance it on the tip of the sword or create your own challenges. Once the kids have a feel for how to do it, test them and award stars as each Jedi shows their skills.
  • Another activity with light sabers is to teach the young Jedi moves by a seasoned Master Jedi. Elect an adult to show three or four moves to the kids and then have them take turns demonstrating the moves. This was my favorite part of our party. Be sure to watch the video to get some ideas for moves.
  • Protecting Jedi Camp: After finishing cupcakes get the kids dressed into their star wars shirts and announce that there is an invader and they will need to defend the Jedi camp. We were fortunate to have a connection to someone with an AWESOME Darth Vader costume. A simple cape and Vader mask will still make an impression on kids who have been living Star Wars for the last hour.
  • Destroying Death Star - In lieu of a mass-produced piñata, make your own Death Star. It's ridiculously cheap and you probably already have many of the materials on hand. It should be noted however that these are much, much stronger then most piñata so be sure to have a bat handy. Through some old Halloween, Christmas, Easter, July 4th or whatever candy you have at home in to get it out of the house and keep the price down. Cost $1 for paint if you don't have it.

Food: Make your own cupcakes at home and arrange them in the shape of a light saber to save money on a store bought cake. Frost three cupcakes gray and add m&ms for buttons on the light saber and frost the remaining ones with your Jedi favorite color. Add ginger ale and sherbet ice cream together for "Yoda Soda" with neon light saber straws and the food can be marked off your to do list. Total cost $10.

Creating a memorable Star Wars party doesn't have to be expensive. With ingenuity and a bit of work you can have a party your child will remember for years to come.

Star Wars Party Budget

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Jedi T-Shirts
Light Sabers
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