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Star Wars Birthday Party Activity Ideas

Updated on April 7, 2015

Plan the Ultimate Star Wars B-Day Celebration!

Plan a cool Star Wars birthday party. Star Wars and Clone Wars have to be the best theme ideas for birthday parties ever.

Almost everyone loves Star Wars and there are lots of great activity ideas for an out of this world b-day celebration.

This page is full of resources to help you plan the best Star Wars birthday EVER!

Ready to plan your birthday party? Pull out those light sabers, make a Sci-Fi Amazing Star Wars Birthday Cake! and you'll be on your way!

What terrific celebration ideas for a child, teen, tween, adult, or senior citizen!

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Fun Star Wars Party Games and Activities

More Unique Party Ideas coming soon!

Who Am I ? Game

This is a good Icebreaker at the beginning of a party. Play until everyone has guessed their character.

Before the party write Star Wars character names on pieces of paper or labels. At game time each player receives sticker on their back (without knowing what it says).

The object of the game is for guests to guess which character they are, by asking questions of the other players. Players can only ask questions that can be answered "yes" or "No"... like:

"Is the Force with Me?"

"Am I on the Dark Side?"

Am I human? Male? Female? Alien? etc.

Asteroid Hunt:

Buy small items (candy, toys) and wrap them in aluminum foil. Roll to about 1 inch in diameter. Hide these silver "asteroids" in a sandbox, around the house or outside.

At the party, kids will search through the "galaxy" to find their "asteroids." The kids love the hunt and the excitement of opening the rocks to find tiny treasures!

Light Saber Training:

Before the party make some light sabers with foam pipe insulation or

skinny swimming "noodles" (often available at dollar stores).

Wrap with electrical tape 4-6 inches from the end to make handles. (These can be color-coded with colored tape if the children will take these home as favors).

To play games, divide kids into teams to go through a challenge course.

Each team will get one "Light Saber".

Create tasks for each Jedi to accomplish with the light saber, such as

popping bubbles the most bubbles in a certain amount of time, attempting to hit thrown ping ping or Nerf balls, running relay races, etc.

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NEEDED: More Star Wars Party Ideas!

Send me your cool and fun ideas for a Star Wars Party! Got pics of a great party or cake? I'd love to use them! Send ideas and jpgs to me via the HubPages Contact link on this page or on my profile page. Let me know what name you would like credited. Thanks!

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May the Force Be With You - Leave a Note if You Please

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    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      I was Darth Vader for Halloween when I was in kindergarten (October 1984).

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love the games at the top of the page. My two year old was running around today using wrapping paper as a lightsaber. He's love it if I created one for him.

    • profile image

      Edutopia 6 years ago

      I'd have killed as a kid to get a party like one of these. Heck, I'd still kill for a birthday party like this even though I'm an adult now, lol.