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Sticking to New Year's Resolutions

Updated on December 20, 2017

It's almost 2018 so of course it makes sense that people are starting to seriously think about making their New Year's resolutions. There is something about the beginning of a new year that inspires us all to make a positive change in our lives. Perhaps it's the idea of a fresh start or that we share our goals with so many others around us and that in turn makes us feel closer together or maybe it's just the festive alcohol consumption that clouds our judgement. Whatever it is, we have good intentions when we're bringing in the bells, but good intentions don't achieve our aims and in reality the majority of people give up on their resolutions by February.

Surveys have concluded the majority of those who create resolutions don't even feel confident that they will stick to them throughout the year. Often this lack of success when it comes to achieving New Year's resolutions is down to people setting overly ambitious goals.


If you have tried and equally failed at your New Year's resolutions many times in the past then this year may seem just as likely to be doomed but despite your mishaps your goals really can be achievable this coming year if you have the right approach and take the right steps to meeting them.

Selecting Your Resolution

  1. It's about YOU!- Naturally if you are going to have an achievable resolution it has to be something you feel strongly about, not something others think you should be doing. To begin with think about what you really want most from your life right now, whether that be a career move, achieving your health/weight goals or taking more time out of your hectic schedule to do what makes you happy. Your resolution should benefit you somehow, and if it doesn't question whether it's worth putting any amount of energy into.
  2. Don't Overwhelm Yourself- Once you have your main focus in mind, stick with that. It's easy to get carried away by thinking you have a whole year head of you and therefore room to complete more resolutions but overwhelming yourself is a sure route to failure and a mistake many people make on an annual basis.Your resolution should be part of your year and something that you will put work into achieving but it shouldn't take up every ounce of your time and it definitely shouldn't make you miserable.
  3. Can It Be Done?- Can your goals be met in a year? Do you have the time to set aside regularly for your resolution and how will this impact on the rest of your life. Your goals should be realistic and the best resolutions are ones that you can fit around your lifestyle by making manageable changes.


Achieving Your Resolutions!

  1. Be Specific- Often people make very vague resolutions which doesn't spur the same motivation as those which are specific. For example, ''I aim to lose weight!'' whilst it's great to want to get yourself into better shape and be healthier, it's better for you to have a target weight that you can work towards over a realistic period of time e.g. ''I aim to lose 2 stone by July.''
  2. Set Yourself Up For Success- Using the same example as above, if your years goal includes getting yourself to a healthier point next year then it's important you set yourself up for success in that department. Surround yourself with a support network that you can fall back on in times of weakness and instead of stocking the cupboards with your favourite treats that are bad for you, take the temptation away by only buying things that are healthy but you love.
  3. Plan Ahead- Life can get in the way sometimes and that makes it difficult to achieve your goals but it doesn't make it impossible. When this happens, ride it out, do what you find manageable in terms of sticking to your goal and if that happens to be less than normal then so be it.
  4. Track Your Progress- It may seem silly but keeping a diary of your mini goals and successes throughout the year is a less overwhelming way to meet your end target and it really helps people to stick to their resolutions. It's really fulfilling and motivating to see your progress physically written in front of you which should help you keep going. If you aren't great with keeping a traditional journal, then their are plenty of apps that can help you out, many of which are designed for assisting with specified goals which give more targeted advice.
  5. When You Slip Up- We are all human and we are bound to make mistakes and slip up from time to time and when it comes to our resolutions things are no different. When people slip up they think that all their previous efforts somehow don't count which of course is not the case. While it's good to acknowledge where you went wrong, dwelling on your failure and throwing in the towel isn't going to get you anywhere. Pick yourself back up, look at your progress and keep on going. Every day is a chance for a new start.
  6. Reward Yourself- When you meet your mini goals along the way and when you get to where you want to be in the end, make sure to reward yourself for your efforts because it wasn't easy but you did it anyway.

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I hope that this article has given you some valuable tips on achieving your resolutions this coming year and inspired you to make some positive changes in your life. As always feel free to leave your thoughts, opinions, advice and experiences in the comments section below and if you have your own resolutions for 2018 I would love for you to share them!

Happy Hogmanay and best of luck with your goals, I hope you achieve them!

© 2017 BunnyClaws


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