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Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10 for Kids

Updated on April 4, 2011

The little ones are the ones who delight the most at opening their presents and the ones who show the Christmas spirit the most. It’s just so much fun to shop and give to them, no matter how small the gift is.

Sesame Street Fuzzy Tub Colors

Kids love these tablets that turn the water blue, red or yellow (or fun new colors by mixing the tablets) while they bathe.  Parents love Tub Colors because kids don’t argue about taking their baths.   The tub comes with 24 tablets for up to 24 baths, in a variety of red, blue and yellow tablets.

Soft Chenile Stripe Gloves

By My Diva Girlz, these soft, fuzzy gloves will keep the kids’ hands warm all winter.  Boys and girls alike love their cheery colors and white stripes.  Available in blue, red, orange, hot pink, and black.

RoomMates Glow in the Dark Wall Decals

Toy Story 3, Star Wars and outer space glow warmly in your child’s room as he falls asleep.  The wall decals provide decorative appeal for your child, in their favorite characters, and allow children to express their creativity as they apply the decals to their walls.  Star Wars decals can be found under $10.  Toy Story and outer space decals cost around $20.

Temporary Hand Tattoos

Available from Uncommon Goods and Perpetual Kids, these fun tattoos transform hands into different wide-eyed monsters and animals.  Four sets include eight different tattoos.  Choose from monsters, dinos, robots, or scary hands.


One of the hottest new collectibles also makes the perfect stocking stuffer.  Each pack contains 16 fuzzy, squishy squinkies which will delight the little girl in your life.  Not recommended for children 3 and under due to small parts and balls.

Silly Bandz

Of course the most popular toy this year has to be on the list!  Everyone knows what a silly band is and how much kids love them.  Pick up a few different sets and watch the kids delight over them then trade them with siblings, cousins and friends.


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