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Stocking Stuffers for Men - The Fisherman in Your Life

Updated on December 4, 2010

Not sure what the best stocking stuffers for men are?

No problem. I am here to help you out with some great gift ideas for men. The items you find below are suggested for those men who were just born to fish and even those who just enjoy the challenge that can come with fishing. So whether your man is an avid angler or simply enjoys fishing as a way to kick back he is sure to find the gift ideas below "reel" winners. 

Christmas time seems to always be just right around the corner making any time a good time to shop for those gifts that are guaranteed to make them smile. 

Delk 41293 Ultimate Fishing Tool. This amazing little 9 in 1 gadget would fit nicely in any stocking. Any avid fisherman would love to receive one of these this Christmas holiday. Just what does it do you ask?

This little multi-tool has numerous functions designed with a fisherman in mind:

  • 18 lb weight scale
  • Hook Remover
  • Fish Scraper
  • Scissors
  • LED light
  • Foldable Stand
  • Serrated Knife
  • Bottle Opener
  • 3 foot Tape Measure

Casio Men's PAS400B-5V Pathfinder Forester Fishing Moon Phase Watch is designed to help your man reel them in - really!

This nifty little piece of craftmanship is more than merely a watch. This time piece is a watch, stop watch (chronograph), automated calendar and this bad little puppy will even let you know when the best times to fish are based on its moon phase tracker technology. Some of the other special functions you get with this great stocking stuffer idea are: 5 daily alarms, water resistant (up to 330 ft), backlight and a battery life of up to five years. This stocking stuffer for men is definitely a gift that will keep on giving.

A Pocket Sized Fishing Survival Kit is designed as a means of emergency help. This little kit gives you almost anything you'd need to catch a fish when your regular tackle is unavailable. Hence the name, this little kit is small enough to fit in a pocket so will easily fit in a stocking, making it an ideal addition to your stocking stuffers for men. 

What do you get in this amazing little gift idea for men?

  • Basic Fishing instructions manual
  • 1 Lead Jig Head
  • 4 plastic baits
  • 8 hooks
  • 2 flies
  • 6 split shot
  • 1 bobber
  • 50 feet of fishing line

Newline 110lb Digital Hanging/Fishing Scale with Measuring Tape can provide your fisherman with immediate knowledge of just how much that big catch weighs. This electronic hanging scale runs on batteries and provides the following weight measurements: pounds, ounces and kilograms making it extremely accurate and easy to read. It is also designed with a built in1 meter measuring tape so your man's "fish story" can be detailed and accurate. 

Other notable features that come with this ultra portable gift that help make it one of the perfect stocking stuffers for men are: 

  • Tare button - which allows you to reset weight to zero
  • Low battery indicator so you know when to pick up and replace those batteries.
  • Outdoor temperature display.


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