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Storage Containers, How to pack up those Christmas Decorations

Updated on July 9, 2013

Remember a month ago when you got out all of your Christmas decorations? Remember the hassle of finding broken ornaments and untangling the Christmas Lights? If you want to avoid it next year then you should try planning ahead. Packing your Christmas decorations in the right Storage containers will make putting up the tree next year more enjoyable.

Christmas Ornament Storgae boxes

There are several types of storage containers you can use. I would recommend the clear plastic storage containers as the best Christmas Ornament Storage boxes.. This enables you to see what decorations are inside with out unstacking all of your other storage containers! The best way to pack those ornaments is in a Christmas Ornament storage box. The plastic is see through. Each individual ornament is packed in a tight square within the box to keep it from breaking. Please preview the Christmas Ornament Storage boxes to your right!

The first Christmas Ornament Storage box is made of three snap together trays. Each tray has dividers you can use to make compartments. This storage box has 27 to 48 compartments for your Christmas tree ornaments. Also included is an easy snap on lid with a handle.

Christmas Tree storage containers

Storage containers have been developed for almost any need, and that includes Christmas trees. . If you are like me you try to pack your artificial Christmas tree in the box you bought it in. But year after year it gets more difficult because the cardboard gets wet, or bulges at the side or busts open. I can hardly keep it shut anymore!

There are several types of Christmas Tree storage containers The Whitmore Christmas tree Storage bag resembles a large duffel bag that can keep your artificial Christmas tree safe until next year. The Deluxe Rolling Tree Christmas bag is also another storage container option. It is a larger zip up square container that may not squish your tree as much. There are several other options in Christmas Tree storage containers. This is the year you may need to get rid of the box your tree came in!

The Rubbermaid Tree and Lawn Ornament Keeper can hold either a 7.5 foot disassembled Christmas tree,a 48inch assembled Christmas tree or a 48 inch Christmas figurine. It holds up to forty pounds and has a zipper closure.

Storage Containers for wreathes

How is your Christmas wreath looking these days? Is it looking poorly? If it is it is probably because you are not storing int int he right manner. Christmas wreathes can get stuffed and mushed in all the other holiday decorations you don't want to look at until next year!. Keep your wreath looking fresh every year by keeping it in a Wreath bag. Wreath bags are round and have a center to it to keep it snug and tight in the package.

The Holiday Wreath bag come in 30 inches and 36 inches and are available in red or green. It has double pull up zippers for extra durability. The fabric is made of vinyl backed polyester and comes with a tag for easy recognition.

The Household essentials 30 inch circular wreath is easy to clean.  It closes with a zipper and is very affordable. Customers like this wreath holder.  He stated it was big enough to hold two of his wreathes!

The Christmas Light Co. 92435-00600-012 3 Holiday Storage Reels in a Bag

Storage Containers for Christmas Lights

Oh there is probably no bigger headache then untangling those Christmas lights year after year! Break the tradition next year by taking time to pack them the right way this year! Yes believe it or not there are storage containers for Christmas lights. The Christmas Light red reel Storage bag has three plastic reels you can roll up your lights onto. It makes Christmas light storage a breeze. The three plastic reels go into a compact red storage bag. this storage container is relatively inexpensive and will make your holiday decorating a little easier next year!

Storage containers for wrapping paper

Oh if there were some way to keep all of the that unused wrapping paper until next year! If you are like me you hate to waste. With the Rubbermaid Gift wrap organizer you can keep it looking new and unwrinkled unil the next holiday season. This storage container for wrapping paper features room for six rolls of wrapping paper on one side. the other side has three separate storage compartments for bows, gift tags, folded wrapping paper and tissue paper. It zips up and has a handle. This storage container is very reasonably priced and makes wrapping paper storage easy..

Storage Containers for Special Ornaments

Everybody has their special ornaments they cherish year after year. Sometimes we dont' want to chance the ordinary Christmas Ornament box with out precious memories. A special storage container has been created for these memories. The Ornament safe is a hard plastic container lined with egg crate foam to help prevent your special ornaments from breaking. The container has places to hang quite few ornaments. These storage containers may be a little more expensive but may be worth it when preserving your cherished Christmas ornaments.


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