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A Horror Night In a Graveyard Villa

Updated on July 24, 2016


The Horror Night In A

Graveyard Villa

It was a winter night and month of November and about a date 13 . there held a severe winter and there was atmosphere of horror night season in a small island of South Africa.

Two friends mark and John were on a weekend trip to an island of Africa there was a graveyard villa and it contains a treasure of million dollars. In about 1879, it was villa of Prince Albert and when the enemies attacked him, he with his soldiers buried all the precious things in his garden. When he was attacked and led down to death he too with his soldiers was buried in his garden.

It was Saturday night when the friends reached on the island. They had a trip of 12days. It winter night and too there reached at 8’ o clock. Show they decided to take a room at St. marry hotel and begin their trip the next day. They went to hotel and did as they decided. They were tired from a long journey so they hurried their dinner and went to bed and fast asleep. In the mid night John heard a howling voice of some creature. He feared and said to mark to wake up. When they waked up it was about 12:45 am and raining heavily outside. Mark told him he might have heard the voice of some street dog and made the John to sleep. He was feeling scared and did not sleep. After an hour or too he again heard the same noise very loudly and this time the mark too. They both jumped from their bed and sat on the flour.



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