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Stress-Free Christmas Gift Giving Tips

Updated on December 13, 2014

Gift giving should be a pleasant and enjoyable task. As Martin Luther puts it, "The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious." If we are giving for the sake of being able to say that we gave something, or if we give to be able to show off, then we are ruining something that should actually give joy to both -- the giver and the receiver. There are a lot of occasions when we have to choose something to give someone but there is no other season with as much gift-giving requirements as Christmas!

But before you scream, "Season's Greetings!" plan ahead and make time for creative things like wrapping gifts or making crafts - planning is essential for stress-free giving.

Here are some tips I have gathered from years of gift-giving to friends, family, co-workers, and even those not-so-special someone's.

Tip #1

Make a list. What works for me is creating groups or categories like "family," "friends," "co-workers," and "helpers." Don't forget to include your babysitter and the gardener who comes in once a week, maybe the guards at your condominium as well. You may want to indicate age, gender, and interests if you know those - this will make it easier for you to come up with well-thought out gifts for each person on your list. Jot down gift ideas and a budget per person so that you'll know how much you should prepare to spend.

Tip #2

If you don't have idea or confused on which one you would buy, why not gift one a gift card. Gift cards in a gift box (free one day shipping )are available at and you can select their designs or you can upload photos to them. Fill in your gift card details there—the amount, message, and quantity. You can purchase gift cards from $0.15 to $2000

Tip #3

Have a gift-box - or a gift cabinet or a gift room, depending on how many people you have on your Christmas list. After you've made your list, simply throw in the presents that you've already bought into the box. Make sure to cross out or mark the name of that person on the list so that you see your list becoming "shorter."

Tip #4

Start buying early. You don't have to finish buying presents for everyone one month before Christmas. But try to go through half of your list by the time December rolls in. You can start with certain categories or those you will buy from the same store. It's really up to you, but don't put it off till two weeks before Christmas. You'll end up getting stressed, spending more, and not having suitable gifts for the recipient.

Tip #5

Food can make easy gifts. In our culture, you can never go wrong with giving food as gifts. But take it a step further and give it some thought - a food pack for an athletic friend may consist of all-natural energy bars, hi-fiber cereals, and organic juices. Someone with diet restrictions because of diabetes will probably appreciate a box of sugar-free chocolates. Kids with food intolerance will be excited to receive dairy free ice cream or gluten free chocolate chip cookies. A healthier and more natural food alternative will show that you care more than buying a box of brownies from the pastry shop.

Tip #6

Identify places to shop gifts from. Ideally, go to stores that are accessible, not too crowded and with enough staff to assist you and attend to you personally. Avoid the crowded supermarkets and department stores and the usual shops people frequent.

Make your gift giving a truly enjoyable experience. Happy Holidays!


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