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Stress Free for the Holidays Part 2

Updated on November 13, 2011

Decoratipms for Your Home And Table For Thanksgiving

This is the week you start to slowly, very slowly, start decorating for Thanksgiving. This means house, table, the whole works.

Seriously, you do not have to do this all at once. A little at a time. Baby steps. You can do it. And it will get done throughout the week.

You may already have some of your fall decorations up from Halloween. Pumpkins, apples, leaves, they all work still. This definitely makes life away easier for you

Now, last week, I told you do throw our or donate any decorations for Halloween that you weren't going to use anymore. This goes for your fall/Thanksgiving decorations as well. If you're going through them now and wondering what to do with them or they are kind of in shambles, this is the year to get rid of them. At this point it's just clutter and you don't need that.

Preparing Your Table Ahead Of Time

Right about now, you should be thinking about how you're going to set up your Thanksgiving table.

Are you going to use the good table cloth or will you use the plastic one with the turkeys all over it? Will you use the china and silverware your mother in law gave you for the wedding? Will you learn how to fold napkins in the shape of a turkey? These are pretty important things to know. You have to plan this all out now. Especially if you want to set out Aunt Rita's favorite Pilgrim Salt and Pepper Shakers.

The reason you need to plan now is so at 6 am Thanksgiving day you're not trying to polish the silver, wash the dishes that have been in storage, and googling how to fold turkey napkins. This does not help take away stress. All that does is add to is. I'm trying to make your life easier here. So plan. NOW!!!

Get your planner or calender or phone. Whatever you use to write notes and put important dates in, get it. What do you need to be ready for Thanksgiving. Notice I don't say Thanksgiving Day. I say Thanksgiving because not everyone can have the big dinner on Thanksgiving Day. We have it the day after or even the Saturday after. Let's the others have dinner with their families, too. Think about that as an option. We do it for Christmas as well. Anway. Make sure you get everything written down, notes, ideas, recipes, shopping lists. Do this for about a week before your Thanksgiving dinner. And I say for a week before because i want you to only ythink about Thanksgiving food, prep, and guests for the week of.

Do You Have Enough?

Another thing to make sure of is if you have enough for everyone coming. Enough chairs, plates, glasses, silverware, whatever. This is where you need to see who's coming and who they are bringing. If you know Cousin Ami always brings her best friend and her daughter, then make sure you have what you need for that. This keeps adults from having to sit at the kids' table.

Now, what happens when after reading this you discover you don't have enough. That's not a big deal. You have neighbors, you have family, you probably have a thrift shop in town. You can buy, borrow, or rent. It's whatever makes your life easier.

These are the things that will make a huge difference in your stress. It's also going to make your sisters in law super jealous at how well you get everything together and keep yourself so calm. And tell me how much that's worth, really?

Order Your Holiday Cards

This is not just about Thanksgiving. I'm giving you steps to prevent Christmas, Chanukah, or whatever winter holiday you celebrate stress.

And this step is Holiday cards. In the past I have been known to freak out and send cards out on Christmas Eve. No lie. One year, it was the day after. I'm a horrible person, I know. This year, we're doing something different. We're making personalized Holiday cards. I don't celebrate Christmas. I celebrate Yule or Winter Solstice. So, I thoughtthis year would be a good year to try something different. And this year, I will send them out on time. Before the Holiday. I promise.

So to keep you from going through my stress of the past few years, I'm here to tell you you to order your Holiday cards now. You have no idea how big this is for your Holiday planning, but trust me, it will save you much time, and stress later on in the season.

You can go to Walmart or wherever you shop and by cards. I know some come made with picture holes so you can add family photos. We're getting Holiday pictures done next Friday and having the pictures made into Holiday postcards. So much easier. You can also go online and look for sites like Tiny Prints. They specialize in personalized Christmas cards.

Some sites have an early bird deal where if you order now you won't have to pay for shipping. You can even print them at your house. It's whatever makes life easier for you.

The biggest thing is do it now. That way you if you're getting pictures, postcards, or oredering them you get them in time to fill them out, add your family letter, and get them out and in the mail and into the hands of eager friends and family.

Wel,, that's it for now. Good luck and have fun with your Thanksgiving plans and don't forget to do some Winter Holdiay planning as well. And let me know how it's going.


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