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Stress Free for the Holidays part 3

Updated on November 15, 2011

Holy cow!!! How can there be only 6 more weeks till Christmas???? Seriously? It doesn't feel right? Are you ready? AAre you getting prepared? Can you believe how time has flown by?

Well, we'll worry about Christmas or whatever winter holiday you celebrate later. This week we are preparing for Thanksgiving. Like this is crunch time because it's only like 2 weeks away.

Real you have any Halloween candy left???? You do and you know it. Check your kids' closets, backpacks and where you keep the crock pot. Yeah, that's what I thought. Throw it out. You're going to have more than enough goodies, cookies, treats, and such over the next six weeks. You do not need candy calories and sugar fits throwing everything out of whack. Besides, by now, there's nothing good left. You went through that the first week if not the first night. If it bothers you to throw out food, then check your local dentist to see if they are still offering a candy buy back program.

Is your house ready for Thansgiving?

What I'm asking is have you made sure your home is ready for massive amounts of cooking and eating and entertaining. We're just going to keep going with our Thanksgiving planning in a little bit more detail. The first polace we need to tackle is the kitchen. I mean this is where the cooking, some eating and a lot of people, talking, and entertaining will occur.

You may have to clean out, organize, declutter you pantry, get your oven clean, clean off and make sure there is plenty of room on your counters, and definitely clean out the fridge and freezer. This may mean you have to defrost your freezer although most freezers don't have this problem anymore. Don't forget to clean the seals of the fridge and freezer. You'd be surprised the kind of grossness that accumulates in the grooves. Toothpaste is a really good cleanser for this.

Yes, I know. You'll have to clean the kitchen a little the day of or before your Thanksgiving meal. This makes sure you don't have to do it all though. You get the big stuff out of the way now so you don't have to do it all at once. You know, It's like eating the elephant, one bite at a time.

Now with house cleaning, just do what your guests will see. You're going to want to get the bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, closets, family room.

If you know you've got guests that are going to be staying at your house, then make sure everything is ready for them. Make sure the sheets, towels, pillows, blankets and whatever else you're going to need. If you get it done and ready now you won't have to worry about it later. This will keep you from having to get it all done when they get there. it will already be done.

Start cooking, start freezing

Even though we're focusing on Thanksgiving, I do want you to do some Christmas prep. Like I said, it's only 6 weeks away.

You know it's getting close to Christmas when you start seeing people selling trees, wreaths and other evergreen decorations. So let's waste no time and start getting ready.

So with all the parties, gatherings, activities and such, things can get a little hectic. There are going to be nights where dinner is going to be drive through or even worse, a microwave box of macaroni and cheese. Sad, but true. So, this week I want to do some freezer cooking. This means when you make dinner, make enough for two dinners and freeze one. You have no idea how much easier this will make your life during the holiday season.

With dinner already cooked, you'll still be able to super parent and make the school musical, scout meeting, gymnastics, piano class, and still make sure your family eats happy, healthy, home cooked meals that will keep your family together through the years.


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