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Stunning Christmas Tree Toppers!

Updated on October 21, 2012

Christmas Trees are decorated according to personal taste, and everyone's got a different opinion as to how they ought to look. Personally, I go back and forth each year -- sometimes I want something traditional, sometimes I want something modern and funky. Fortunately, there are loads of modern and traditional tree toppers to choose from these days. I can remember that as a kid we had a star that lit up in multi-colored blinking lights and so I'm kind of partial to brightly colored star tree toppers. But some people prefer other types of Christmas tree toppers and this list will give you an idea of what's available. Have a look and have fun decorating your Christmas tree! You could even get several and change things up every week leading up to the big day!

Kurt Adler 8' Star Tree Topper

I honestly think I'd choose this particular tree topper if this lovely Kurt Adler multicolored star tree topper were available over here in Europe. I love it! It's got 10 lights, is actually a double star, and stands 8 inches high. Actual size is 8 x 8 x 2. Comes with 4 spare bulbs and 2 fuses. I just love the colors!!

Swarovski Star Tree Topper

Okay, I admit, this is a pricey tree topper. But it's got fabulous reviews and people feel they get their money's worth with this crystal star tree topper. This is something you can pass down through the family from one generation to the next. Something this high in quality would also make a fabulous wedding gift for anyone about to celebrate their first christmas as man and wife (or any variation thereof!) Stands 6.5 inches tall, and 4.75 inches wide. This was created in 2003 and has since been retired, so it's already a collectors item! Also, a stand is included so you can put it on display over the fireplace, or wherever you'd like, if you'd rather not put it on the tree.

Chanukah Star Tree Topper

I absolutely adore this and it's a very popular tree topper! This is the perfect gift for interfaith families who celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah -- like many members of my own family do -- and it looks great on the tree. I also know a lot of Jewish people who celebrate Christmas and get a little tree just for the heck of it, and this would be a great gift for them. And heck, the Star of David is in the Christian tradition as well, so even if you're not Jewish at all, Christians might enjoy having it on their tree as well.

Michelle Angel Tree Topper

I think this Angel tree topper is so cute! She's made of resin and metal and weighs 1 pound -- so just be aware of that, so you don't go trying to stick her on a mini tree that might not be able to support her. This angel tree topper measures 5 and 3/8 inches x 3 and 3/8 inches x 6 inches high. I love the modern, playful design and I think little girls would absolutely love having this angel on their Christmas tree.

Santa Christmas Tree Topper

My mother was a big collector of Santas back in the day, we had them all over the house. She would love this Santa Christmas Tree Topper with his traditional Santa clothing. He weighs 1.4 pounds and is made from resin and fabric. He stands 18' tall. The material he's clothed in is so classy and elegant, this would make a great gift for anyone, including those who collect Santas.


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