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How to Write and Succeed on Your New Year's Resolution

Updated on September 18, 2013
Let's start by making a list of dreams and wishes, then make them come true
Let's start by making a list of dreams and wishes, then make them come true | Source

So you’ve set your mind and feeling ready to make some changes and developments in the New Year ahead? This is a great start. In this article you will find tips on how to succeed in making your dreams become reality.

Don't delay it any longer, start making progress on your resolutions today!
Don't delay it any longer, start making progress on your resolutions today! | Source

Why do we Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Have you every wondered why people feel the urge to change their lives starting on 1 January? Truth is that we could start on any day of the year! But by closing the page of one book we feel that we can open a new one. It feels almost like a fresh start in our lives. We feel more powerful and full of energy to grow and become better, stronger, and happier.

The turn of the calendar year gives a great opportunity to reflect back on the past year and take the learnings to make the next year even better. This gives a new - more hopeful - perspective on what we could achieve in only a few weeks or months time.

The goals most commonly made are growing financially and paying off debts; going to the gym more often and loosing weight; learning a new skill as a new language for instance; spending more time with the family; quitting a bad habit and trying to live a more balanced and happier life. Making a commitment on New Year’s Eve is very similar to creating a project plan meaning that it needs to be planned and delivered step-by-step.

What is Your New Year's Resolution?

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How to Make it Come True?

Step 1: Create a goal that is achievable yet streching meaning that it will take time and effort to deliver. Once you know exactly what you'd like to reach, the path will also become clearer and you are more likely to go through with your plan.

Step 2: Write down this goal on a paper along with a desired deadline. When we keep delaying the start and finish time, we are more likely to leave the start to the next day. Once we set the target date, we will feel more motivated to get going.

Step 3: Create a plan of how you will make it happen. Think about the opportunities and people who can support you with that. Also capture the challenges ahead and plan how you will avoid/get through them. The more details you are able to capture at the beginning, the easier will be to follow the plan and deal with upcoming difficulties.

Step 4: Write down every step along the way and include timings when you will track progress. Now you know exactly what and when you will do and you can plan your other activities around that.

Step 5: Think about what will motivate, help and inspire you and plan small ’celebrations’ that will give you renewed energy on this journey. This is especially important if your plan takes longer than a few weeks to complete. When you reach your first milestone, pat yourself on the back and say thanks to yourself for it.

Step 6: Make this plan and steps visible to yourself – you may put it on the fridge door, in your calendar, or on the mirror – make sure you don’t loose sight of it on 2 January! If you see your goal every day you will likely to remember and commit to continuing the work on it.

Step 7: Tell about your commitment to your family and friends. Once you announce that you are determined to make a step change, they will be curious to see if you will fulfill your goal. This will motivate you to keep your resolution and succeed on it, also you might get extra help and support from your loved ones. So share the news right away.

Step 8: Remember, you are doing this for yourself, so you can only gain from this experience – even at the hard times – so stay on track and you will be very pleased and confident with the result. Keep the focus and don't loose interest. One day you will thank yourself for sticking to your plan and enjoy the fruits of it.

Good luck and I wish you well on your New Year’s resolution.

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