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Summer Starts This Weekend-Really!

Updated on March 26, 2013

My Carera Bundle

Summer Starts This Weekend-Really!

This weekend is my favourite Bank Holiday as it gives me a long weekend but the thing that worries me is that it is actually officially Summer when the clocks go forward. It upsets my equilibrium anyway all this back and forth but it comes anyway. The news and weather has banished all hope of any warmer weather which is a shame for my family and many others who have plans that involve anything out of doors. We usually have an egg hunt for the children and then a family barbeque but I suspect it may be cancelled and just turn into a family buffet.

When you know summer is here we all brighten up but it usually means the sun is shining and no more need for hats and gloves but not this year I am afraid. This cold has got right into my bones. The only relief I have is indoors where I have several Hunter ceiling fans that I run in reverse so save on my energy and costs. They recycle the hot air trapped at the ceiling but gently pushing it back down so I can turn the thermostat down.

I am really keen to be able to switch them back to summer mode whereby I can sit in my home with a nice breeze keeping me cool. Yes I know that is merely a dream at the moment but we can live in hope can't we. I am not a lover of very hot weather which was always the down side for me when the sun does shine but since I got the fans it really doesn't bother me at all. One of the fans I have is the Carera bundle which has a light and remote control included and was my best buy last year. I can sit, enjoy and don’t even have to get up to turn it on or off that includes the light as well which can dim as well.

No matter what the weather outside is I am comfortable inside all the year round so summer can start this weekend and for me apart from changing my sleep patterns yet again I am fine with it.


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