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Super Bowl 2016: Time, TV schedule, date and location for Panthers vs. Broncos

Updated on February 4, 2016

Peyton Manning must compete against one of the best quarterbacks Kam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.

Sunday Denver Broncos will play the 50th edition of the Super Bowl, where they face the Carolina Panthers kick in a match that sparks are expected, this in Stadium San Francisco 49ers.

Those in the city of Mile High earned their place after defeating the two most successful franchises in the NFL like the Steelers and Patriots and their quarterbacks who are the elite of the NFL and certainly one day they will be in the hall of Fame.

But the best will come on Sunday when they face will surely be named the MVP of this year, Kam Newton who with his team only lost one game all season and in the meetings of playoffs have destroyed all those who put them in front.

Newton leads an offense that is a dragon with several heads since the air can hurt you with a long pass to Ted Ginn or in the middle to tight end Gregg Olsen, also have the most dangerous rushing attack in the league , have a pair of high-powered brokers, Jonathan Stewart who has been the workhorse of the team.

But if they want to send them to physical play Mark Tolbert and 255 lbs, this corridor already know how to hurt the Broncos because in the past played with San Diego and was very effective, but Newton is the one that most concerns those of Denver because it was the second best rider of his team with his size when he decides to run becomes a missile well run.

His 10 touchdowns in regular season plus the 2 in the championship game to prove it this combined with his 35 touchdown passes make the perfect weapon.

All this is a new challenge for the Broncos defense that as we said in the previous two games they faced Roterberge Ben and Tom Brady with their prolific air attacks to which they defeated now the key will be stopping the run.

The coach Wade Philips will have to continue their excellent approaches to curb Cam and brokers, for that you have a group of soldiers, strangers most of it on the line and linebackers only Von Miller and DeMarcus Were are the most known, but as a unit are unique and number one in the NFL, if they achieve their goal and forced the Panthers quarterback to challenge the trio of excellent corner Broncos (Harris Jr., Talib and Roby) will put in a dangerous situation.

But if the defense has a big challenge offense not to mention will face a well-crafted machinery and which caused lots of turnovers, this does not scare Peyton Manning who during his great career faced this kind of challenge and is the perfect setting to give way to its history.

Therefore let your soul and your physical remains on the field, you need more than that to overcome this defensive line scary with linebackes body, which his offensive line and running game will have to give it time to run to look for his pair of receivers and attack what can be considered the only weakness is their secondary.

This may sound silly since in this department the Carolina have a new star NFL cornerback Josh Norman but hey can not be split in two since the Broncos have Demaryius Thomas Emmanuel Sanders and the latter does not he has had a good year but like Manning is expected to take out the pride, this combined with the tight ends in chaos productivity is arming.

Special teams will be important in what is expected to be a close game, so Brandon

McManus can become the cornerstone of victory. Broncos 23, Panthers 22.

How to watch

Date: Sunday, February 7, 2016
Time: 6:35 p.m. ET
Location: Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, Calif.
Online: Verizon NFL Mobile

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