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Super Bowl XLV Expectations

Updated on February 6, 2011

Well as many of you know, we are just a few hours away from the super bowl, the championship for the best football team in the US, and the team that will take the Vince Lombardy trophy. Now if you don't know, the game is played by the Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers in Texas. 

In my personal opinion and from what I know, I have to give the game for the Packers. I mean, the Steelers have a pretty solid offence but they are completely based on Big Ben for big plays and for scoring, and remember that Ben is the type of guy that likes to stay in the pocket and although it is a hard QB to sack, if the offensive line cannot hold the pressure, then the Steelers are going to be in big trouble. On the other hand, Ben has a some great receivers, so if the offensive line can hold, they can do important plays that can win them the match. Now as for their defense, they have a some pretty good LB that will be putting some good pressure on the Aaron Rodgers, making his job much harder.

As if for the Packers, they have a pretty good offence. Aaron Rodgers might be the best QB on the NFL and during the playoffs he seems to be only improving with 300+ yard games and he seems to be really good taking the pressure and making good choices in the right time. As for the defense the Packers have some great LB like Clay Mathews that will put great pressure on Big Ben and are able to intercept passes and stop runs.

Now even though I give the game for the Packers, there are somethings each team can do to increase their probabilities of winning.

For the Steelers, I would say the for them to win they absolutely NEED to mix up their plays, they need to run the ball much more, mix it up and confuse the LB from the Packers. This way they might be able to make a lot more complete passes and not so much pressure from the defense. As if for their defense, they need to play their asses off and I would recommend they send charges to put some pressure on Rodgers and be able to prevent the pass or the run.

For the Packers, they need to play their game Aaron Rogers needs to maintain his high quality game and make some decisive passes in this game and for their defense they should look for the pass, more than they look for the sack. Their LB have to go for the pass and the safeties need to cover the long pass, the defensive line has to put a lot of pressure on Big Ben also and prevent the passes.

What do you think of this game? Who do you think is going to win? Why?

Have a nice Super Bowl day!



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