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Super Hero Costumes for Adults and Children

Updated on October 24, 2012

If you are not a fan of super heroes you will by the end of the summer! This Summer promises many super hero movies. Thor, Captain America, the Green Lantern and even a new X Men Movie will for an action packed summer! Get in the spirit of your favorite hero ( or heroine) by dressing up like your favorite super hero! Here you will find super hero costumes for the whole family!  Featured are: Captain America costumes for men,women and children,Green Lantern Costumes for men,women and children, Thor Costumes for men and children and lastly a Wolverine costume for men, women and children!

Thor Dlx Adult Helmet

Feel like the God of Thunder by wearing this helmet!.. Realistic looking it is made of a soft plastic. One size fits most adults and teenagers. It is light weight and  made of plastic.  It does have a metallic sheen.  Three customers gave this five out of five stars. They stated this was a great addition to their Thor costume! Maybe you won't look as angry as this guy here!

Disguise offers a full Thor costume. It comes with a jumpsuit, cape and helmet. The costume comes in mens sizes. The jumpsuit includes armor ( metallic colored fabric) that comes on the black jumpsuit.  The winged helmet is one size fits all.  Not a bad looking costume.  The Mighty Thor hammer does NOT come with this costume!

Complete your Thor costume with the Thor Hammer!  It is all plastic and wrapped in leather.  There is an inscription on it that reads whomsoever possesses this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.  This Thor costume accessory was rated four and a half stars out of five by seven customers.  Customers state it is lightweight, hollow and sturdy. Sometimes it gets used as a toy.  All customers state this is a great Thor costume accessory.

The Thor Muscle Toddler Costume comes in sizes 2t to 4t. It comes with a jumpsuit and a head piece.  The jumpsuit comes with metallic fabric on the costume.  The winged helmet is included. Accessories such as the Thor Hammer do not come with the costume.

Captain America is another movie hitting the big screen this summer. No doubt he will be a big hit during Halloween. It is no doubt going to be one of the hottest costumes of the season. There are several versions of the Captain America costume available. They come in styles for women and children! Just look below! The Captain America Ultimate Adult Halloween Costume is very popular. This Halloween costume includes the jumpsuit, hood, gauntlets, belt, boot covers. It is available in adult and junior sizes. Not included with this costume but pictured is the Captain America Shield.  Other accessories not pictured are the Captain America red boots and gloves.  These accessories are sold separately and can be found at the adjacent link.

The Captain America Mens Alternative Halloween Costume comes with a printed half shirt and a half mask. It comes in sizes for teens XL and Adults XL. The shirt shows all the cuts and scrapes you received after battle.  This Halloween outfit is convenient if you don't want to wear a jumpsuit for a costume.

Captain America Costume - Adult Costume Standard

There's something for the ladies too. Check out this Captain America womens costume! It includes eye mask, one piece dress, gloves and boot toppers.  It is very cute! This costume comes in sizes 4-14. Shield is not included in this set. There is also a sexier version of this costume that can be found at this link!

The Captain America shield makes a great accessory to the Captain America costume. It is over 12 inches wide and two inches deep. It is lightweight and plastic. The Captain America Shield is dressed up in red white and blue, with a white star in the middle. It has already been a top seller even thought the movie has not yet made it to theaters!  Use it for a part of a costume or let your children play with it as they pretend they are Captain America!

The Captain America Muscle costume comes in many childrens sizes. It includes a muscle costume with a hood with an A. Customers gave this costume high marks. Children loved pretending to be their favorite superhero,Captain America!  This costume is a one piece jumpsuit. The bottom of the jumpsuit has "simulated boots". The red fabric flares out at the bottom and creates the illusion of boots.The Captain America Shield is sold separately and does not come with this costume. 

The Green Lantern is even going to make it to the big screen this year! Check out the T tops and eye mask for a green lantern costume. The costume is a jumpsuit with muscles in the top. The jumpsuit also has also features fabric that makes the illusion of green boots. It comes in sizes medium, large and extra large. The ring is not included but can be purchased separately.

Check out the Deluxe Green Lantern Costume.  It includes the muscle shirt with leggings and green boots. The green eye mask is also included. Customers really liked this costume.  They commented on how easy it was to wear and that it was a good costume for Halloween.

Blackest Night Green Lantern Ring Authentic DC Comics

No Green Lantern costume would be complete without the Green Lantern Ring.  Made of all plastic and green, this ring comes in one size. Customers were pleased with the ring.  On drawback though, this ring does not come with any super powers!

Check out the green mardi gras mask.  You can this and the green lantern ring for a good price.  One size fits most people.  The mask is attached by black ribbon for easy wear.

The Green Lantern costume for women includes the dress, gloves and boot tops.  The costume is 90% polyester and comes in many sizes.  Very cute sexy costume!

Green Lantern Costume and Flashing Ring

This Green Lantern suit includes a muscle chest jumpsuit.  This particular size is found for toddlers 4-6. But looking around on the internet there are many sizes to choose from for the Green Lantern!  A great accessory for your little one is the Green Lantern flashing ring!

Check out this Wolverine costume for women.  Included is the dress, claws, eye piece,and boot toppers.  The flashy gold dress has slash marks in it.  The eye mask coordinates with the outfit.

The adult X men costume is pretty detailed.  It has a a muscle body suit and claws.  It also has the Wolverine mask.  It comes in one size only.

Wolverine costumes are also available for children.  This wolverine costume for children is available in sizes large medium and small.  Included in the costume ins the yellow and blue jumpsuit with a mask.  Parents stated that their children were happy with this purchase. 

Transformers Deluxe Bumblebee Child Costume

Yes Transformers are superheroes too! The Autobots are here to save the Earth from the evil Decepticons! The new movie, Transformers 3 will hit the theater this summer. No doubt your child will be asking to be Bumblebee or Optimus Prime! Featured here is a Bumblebee costume that fits sizes 4-6 or 7-8. This is a jumpsuit with foam arms and an attached foam chest to give you a 3-D look.

This is the Sexy Bumblebee adult women's costume. ( I don't remember her from any of the movies!) If you are a lady that likes the gold lame then this costume is for you! It includes a dress, petticoat, headpiece, gloves and leg covers. Gold shoes are NOT included! Costume is inspired by the second transformer movie, Revenge of the fallen.

The Transformers even have a costume for the guys. This Bumblebee costume is inspired by the movie, Transformers 3, Darkside of the moon. It comes with a bodysuit with some pretty cool graphics and a headpiece. This Halloween costume is 100% polyester. If you are more of an Optimis Prime fan there are plenty of costumes to choose from for the whole family!


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    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      What more would a child want?

      Flag up!

    • cheapsk8chick profile image

      cheapsk8chick 7 years ago

      Wonder if I can implement those Captain America gloves into my everyday wardrobe? They are AWEsome looking!