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Super Mario Bros Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on June 5, 2012

Super Mario is a fun birthday theme both for kids and adults! Read through some fun ideas on what food to serve, how to decorate, which party games to play and more.


Super Mario Bros Party Food

With Super Mario theme you really have a lot of options when it comes to food!

Super Mario Cake Ideas

  • you can make a cake using official Mario cake toppers (edible or figurines), simple and nice looking
  • you can sculpt Super Mario, Luigi, Yoshi or any of the other characters
  • you can make a star shaped cake as stars are a very important part of this gaming world
  • 1UP mushroom shaped cake will also be fun
  • brick block cake is another one and you can even add a coin (or any other cool thing) on top of it
  • Princess peach doll cake will be another pretty awesome cake, especially if it is for a girl

Super Mario Bros Cupcakes

  • I really love blue cupcake toppers with motives from Super Mario - mushrooms, coins (you can draw in the details with food color pens), fire flowers, cute enemies, stars, clouds and more
  • decorate the cupcakes with blue butter cream frosting and add a chocolate coin (they are usually wrapped in gold)
  • you can cut out green and red circles out of fondant and decorate them with white spots

Other sweets and foods

  • star shaped sandwiches - the yellow cheese should be on top and you can even draw in the eyes with food pen
  • cool cookies - star shaped, mushroom shaped, coin shaped
  • chocolate coins or chewing gum

Super Mario Bros Party Decorations

You could purchase wall decals that will make the room look like one of the levels (they are quite expensive though) but it is not to hard to make decent decorations by yourself.

  • clouds - cut out some clouds, you can stick them on the wall and with the help of a thread have quite a few of them hang down from the ceiling
  • pipes - the essence of Super Mario world. Cut them out out of green, red and yellow paper (or paint the cardboard) and place them on the wall. You can even make some 3D pipes out of cardboard to place around the room
  • brick block - another must! They must go on the wall and in the room.
  • Boo balloons - boo's are those pesky ghosts you encounter in haunted manors in Super Mario Bros world. You can make them from white round balloons, draw in the mouths and eyes and make the hands out of white paper (wrap it in the cone shape and glue them on the balloon with duck tape). They will make a fun decoration for this party.


Super Mario Bros Party Supplies

There are officially licensed supplies available if you would choose to go with them.

If not use colorful plates, red works best, combination of red and green (Mario & Luigi) is also great.

Party games and activities

These are especially important if you are having a kids party

  • Pin the moustache on Mario & Luigi or pin the Mario on Yoshi
  • Collect the coins hide lots of chocolate coins around the party place and have the kids search for them - you can give them a time limit and the one that collects the most coins is the winner
  • obstacle race create a Super Mario level, use kids' tunnels, boxes, benches and whatever you think works and create an obstacle track. Have the kids compete (you can even have teams - go team Luigi!).
  • Pinata! you can purchase a Mario pinata but I would really suggest you try making your own and make it box (brick box) shaped. You can have more than one.


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