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SuperBowel Sunday

Updated on February 18, 2014

Superbowl Sunday was a game that no one wanted to think of, it was boring and unbelievable one of the best quarter-backs in history was dethrone.

I am not a Denver Bronco fan but i could tell that something was deeply wrong the way Denver Bronco performances. Patton Manning and his team was mobilized by a power greater then their own,what stop manning from gunning the football like he have done thousands of time. Was Manning plays electronically stolen?

The whole team played like Zombies, as if they was control by a powerful spell they couldn't break.Settle Sea Hawks is a good team but beating Manning by 35 they needed special help. Who took this away from Manning?

Why was the Superbowl played in New Jersey? Patton Manning took his lost like a perfect gentlemen,saying they didn't play well enough. If the Settle Sea Hawks would have played against the New England Patriots the out come would have been different.



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