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Surviving Christmas Without Breaking Your Wallet

Updated on December 4, 2014

Gather Your Thoughts

First decide who you have to buy presents for. Make a list starting with the most important first. Next to their name write down some things about that person such as; what they like, favorite color or hobby. This will give you great ideas of what to start looking for or working on. Think outside the box maybe something they commented about liking to have or thinking something was nice looking.

Always check with parents before you get anything for kids. They may have allergies that need to be paid attention too or there may be certain items they are not allowed to have. So you want to make sure of those before you start with children.

You can get great ideas from local craft stores or festivals going on right now. This time of year it does not take much to find one on every corner. Even if it is something humorous, they may not every wear it or hang it but it will still be there for them to remember who gave it to them.

Just use your creativity and think about different. Make it a Christmas present they will always remember.

Handmade Gifts with Flair

Don't get Discouraged

Even if you are not crafty, there are still lots of things you can put together that will not cost you much. Dollar stores of all sorts have some amazing things for less than $5 for everyone. It not how much you spend on something, its how much it matches the person. I have seen the smallest least expensive gift bring the biggest smile to someone's face.

Do some research if you need to. Find out things about the people you are getting gifts for secretly. Don't want to let the cat out of the bag. Think about what color their new living room is or pictures of family members they would like to have. Its only a few questions to ask and won't take long. If you get stuck ask another family member, especially grandma or grandpa, they love to tell old stories that might just be the clue you were looking for. An old silly pictures of something they did as a child will bring the biggest smile to someone's face.

So don't worry, you got this!!!

Perfect for that Sugar Tooth Friend

Candy in a drinkable bottle..What more could you ask for.
Candy in a drinkable bottle..What more could you ask for.

Now Let's Break Things Down......

This part is relatively simple but will need some imagination and brain work on your part.
Mothers, wives, girlfriends or significant others are normally first on the list. Think of nice flowers, Bath sets or maybe a nice framed photo of a special day the two of you had. These are things that are easy to think of and are nominally inexpensive. If you shop around you may even find some jewelry that will fit the occasion. Just take your time and think of something different to light up their day.

Children are the easiest people to pick up Christmas presents for. I haven't come across a child yet that did not like coloring books or crayons. Even my 19 year old niece loves to color in coloring books when she has the time. Any type of craft stuff for kids will grab their interest and be a hit. Even the big kids like to build things, try some of those exact o kits that they can literally build anything out of.

Your friends are people you are around all the time. You know their habits and what they like. Most people have some type of snack they are addicted to whether it be candy, popcorn, pretzels or peanuts. Find an empty jar of whatever shape will be interesting ( old soda bottle, beer bottle or mason jar) fill it full of their favorite snack and tie a ribbon around it. Instant Christmas gift.

Hot Chocolate Snowmen

Simple $5 Christmas gift for anyone...
Simple $5 Christmas gift for anyone...

Bottom Line....

Christmas has become so commercialized that for many people it has lost any meaning. Besides what did people do before Macy's or Walmart? Christmas was meant for people together to celebrate life, the end of and beginning of new life. For every death there is a life born and it may be time to try to put that back into our lives.

People will normally cherish and be more appreciative of a gift from the heart. Something that you took time to actually think about them to make. Even if it is just something small that to you may not mean much but for that special someone it may mean a lot more than you think.

Quick and Easy Snowmen Candy Bars


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