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Surviving The Holidays With Relatives

Updated on November 29, 2010

Surviving The Holidays With Relatives

They came in droves to invade your family and home for the holidays, It was unexpected. You didn't get a warning for this invasion. There was no clue when you talked to your aunt Helen on the phone a week before, so how could you have known.

Relatives cars boxed you and your husbands car in so there was no escape and getting an idea to escape through the back door was a bad idea. Your cousin Larry was already twisting the door knob. You decided to surrender and let them in after a few minutes of telling your husband to shoosh, he yells at you in an angry voice, "It's too late, they know we are home!"

Finally you open the door and the stampede begins making a beeline over to you for kisses and hugs. You accept them with half a smile. Your peaceful and quiet holiday you wanted alone with your husband and children has been thwarted again, like last Christmas; after the family left you needed to go in for some counseling. This year you know if you don't make it, you'll need to be be heavily medicated with anti-depressants.

Cousin Larry's children are running all around your house, Uncle Ted's big bull mastiff has knocked over your christmas tree and think it is his girlfriend and to top it all off, Grandpa Henry knows when he eats peanuts that it gives him gas, but he gets a kick out of it, farting and laughing it off with the children.

And here she goes another year, aunt Barbara is in your kitchen looking for the pots and pans to cook this years Christmas dinner and when you insist that she takes a seat in the family room and leave the cooking to you, she puts her index finger in her mouth and pretends to gag.

That's it, you've had it. You pull your husband aside and tell him that you need to get out of there before you do or say something to everyone that you may regret later on. Before leaving your home to your relatives to takeover for the holidays. The yellow pages is a really neat little book filled with many numbers to different hotels that your family can choose to get rooms.

Don't be afraid to tell them that your quarters are cramped and you want this Christmas to be quiet and peaceful for you, your husband and children. Reassure them that they are welcome to stay for Christmas dinner and to exchange gifts if they honor your wishes for there to be peace and quiet this Christmas.

Gladly and politely open the door for those who have become insulted, this will give you and your husband something funny to talk about later. If you decide that you will not tell your rambunctious family to get hotels, at least get out of the house and go for a peaceful walk, treat yourself to a movie or go out for a private dinner with your husband, so that you can have someplace to unwind and devise a more subtle plan to get your family out of your hair for the holidays.


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