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Survivor TV Show Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on April 26, 2016

Ideas for Hosting a Fun Reality TV Party

How about having a Survivor TV show themed party or event? Great idea!

The Survivor reality TV show makes a great birthday party theme, especially for teens and adults who are fans of the program. It is a fun and active theme with many possibilities for exploring various foods and cultures.

Check out these awesome activities, Survivor challenges, games, cakes, gifts & birthday celebration ideas.

Have fun surviving planning a unique event!

Outwit! Outlast! Outplay!



Survivors Need to Be Challenged!

Which challenge would you be most likely to win?

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Among the most exciting components on the show are the team and individual challenges where contestants are pitted against each other to work for rewards and/or immunity. Add some fun challenges to your own party for lots of fun and excitement with the ideas below.

Here's a Tough Challenge for Your Guests!

Fun Express Inflatable Alligator Ring Toss Game, 22", Vinyl
Fun Express Inflatable Alligator Ring Toss Game, 22", Vinyl

The oh-so-fierce alligator is a great decoration as well as a game for your party. Who can ring the alligator's nose or tail the most times?


Relay Race Challenge Ideas

Use any (or all) of these items to pass in your own relay games:

  • Oranges
  • Coconuts
  • Bags of rice
  • Sticks or rocks

Challenge Team Members to Eat a BUG - Ewwwwww

Haribo Gummi Candy, Centipedes, 5-Pound Bag
Haribo Gummi Candy, Centipedes, 5-Pound Bag

Okay, so gummi bugs are not quite as gross as real bugs, but they're still squishy and slimey. Try using these for contests to see who can eat the fastest or the most in a given time period.


How would YOU do as a contestant on Survivor?

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More Games & Challenges

  • Solving puzzles or riddles
  • Obstacle courses
  • Swimming and diving games
  • Tent or shelter building
  • Fire making races
  • Build the best immunity idol
  • Hunt for a hidden immunity idol

Camps Need Decorating

Decor Ideas for Camps

Build shelters with twigs, leaves
Paint a team name sign
Set up a "Tree Mail" spot
Bring in sand & a small pool
Add jungle decor (vines, etc)
Prehide any Immunity Idols
Set up among trees, plants
Set up a "water hole"

Party Idea:

Which of your guests would be good HEROES

and which would be good VILLAINS?

Teams Need to Be Color Sorted

Blue Burst -- Survivor Adult T-Shirt
Blue Burst -- Survivor Adult T-Shirt

Add to the party fun by giving each guest a team colored shirt, buff, or bandana.

T-shirts shown are priced via Amazon: $19.95 - $24.95


Other ideas for sorting teams:

  • Guys vs Gals
  • Older vs Younger
  • By work departments
  • By random choosing
  • By sides or branches of a family

More ways to tell teams apart:

  • Baseball caps of different colors
  • Arm bands (tie on some stretchy fabric cut into strips)
  • Face paint
  • Ask guests to wear a certain color before the party

Music Suggestions

What's an event without music? Consider some of these ideas for added fun!

  • Provide simple musical instruments like conga drums and shakers. Guests can make their own music.
  • Play tribal or cultural music to go along with the theme or location (i.e. Hawaiian music for a Maui event)
  • Play the TV show theme song to get things started!

What is the reason for your Survivor party?

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Videos of the show

The Tribe Has Spoken

(go plan your party!)

Share Your Own Challenge Game Ideas Here!!!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      I think bug-candy is an awesome idea for a Survivor party!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      survivor party game for 13 y.o son. game is skin the fish- first you get a swedish fish (candy or small toy fish) you wrap it in layers, first ball it up in a piece of paper, then wrap paper with string really good, then ball up aluminum foil around it tightly, then continue to layer with foil until its about the size of a tennis ball. make enough for each player and then blindfold them and have then wrap the ball until they reach the prize, the first person to unwrap it and reveil the fish wins. The kids had a "ball" playing this game and to make it interesting you have put slime or something gooey between each layer of foil. have a great party !!

    • JJNW profile image

      JJNW 8 years ago from USA

      Here are some quick ideas from one of my articles linked above:

      * Treasure Hunt with paper clues or maps: Set up a hunt for each team.

      * Gross-Out Gummy “Bug” Eating Challenge: If guests refuse to eat real bugs (as survivors sometimes must on the TV show), there are gross-looking candy worms, spiders, cockroaches etc. with which to torture guests. Who can clear their plate first?

      * Regular relay races, perhaps passing a shell or tiki.

      * Sand Hunt: Buy a bag of play sand. Fill a bucket with the sand and lots of dollar store plastic shells or "jewels." Give each contestant 30 seconds to dig for treasure. The one with the most wins.


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