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Swarovski Crystal Animals - Swarovski Lovlots

Updated on July 12, 2011

Swarovski Crystal Animals - Swarovski Lovlots

Swarovski Lovlots are a collection of the sweetest little crystal animals you will ever come across.

Not only are these little crystal figures adorable beyond belief, but being made from Swarovski crystals they also have a special kind of sparkle due to the precision with which they are cut, a winning combination in anyone's book.

The Lovlots range includes cats such as the pink kittenish 'Emily' and the sound asleep Camille who looks like she's dreaming of curling up in front of an open fire.

There's also 'Bella' the rabbit, Duke the duck, Spike the hedgehog and an array of others all waiting to bring a bit of sparkle into your life.

Swarovski Collectible Figurine, Lovlots City Park Hedgehog Spike none by Swarovski
Swarovski Collectible Figurine, Lovlots City Park Hedgehog Spike none by Swarovski

The characters of these animals shine through. Belle the cow looks like she's ready for a night out with the girls in her lavender hued crystal with floral decoration.

Marie and Pierre are being very cool for cats strolling along a french boulevard, Lily and Luke the ducks only have eyes for each other as they waddle along, and Spike the hedgehog is just looking for a warm place to curl up and hibernate.

Other Swarovski Crystal Figurines

 Swarovski make a wonderful range of other Swarovski Crystal Animals, including the instantly recognisable swan, plus other animals ranging from lovebirds and turtle doves to hermit crabs and rocking horses.

In addition there is a magical range of Swarovski Disney Figurines immortalized in crystal including Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and of course Mickey Mouse. 


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    • profile image

      Pottery Figurines 6 years ago

      The Lovelots are an adorable collection. I own Shady, the black sheep, and I honestly wouldn't mind owning a few more of these little animals. They make great decorations in children's bathrooms!

    • profile image

      jeenasmith 4 years ago

      Animals made by Swarovski Crystal is really very impressive thing as this can help in increasing beauty of your home.

      I found good collection of Swarovski Crystal itmes on killkenny shop from Ireland..

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