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Sweet Treats for the Holidays

Updated on March 15, 2011
Sonoma County Winegrape Chocolate Truffles
Sonoma County Winegrape Chocolate Truffles

Looking for delicious sweet treats for the holiday season? Whether you're looking for a gift idea for a friend, relative, co-worker, or client, or if you are shopping for yourself, you're sure to enjoy these delicious holiday candies, cakes, and cookies.

Pepper Patch Rum Raisin Cake - Nothing says it's the holidays quite like a moist and delicious rum raisin cake. You don't have to be a master baker to enjoy the flavor of rum raisin cake during the holidays, or any time of year. You can order this rich cake for yourself or for the lucky people on your holiday shopping list. Pepper patch also offers several additional decadent desserts for delivery, including: Tipsy Cake (made with Jack Daniels), Old Fashioned Jam Cake, Williamsburg Orange Wine Cake, and other flavors.

Route 29 Napa Holiday Candy - If you love the rich, decadent flavor of hand dipped candy, you'll be delighted to discover the variety of holiday treats available form Route 29 Napa. The company's chocolate truffle snowballs (covered in coconut) and peppermint bark are terrific holiday treats. Not only are these candies delicious, they're also attractively packaged in lovely holiday tins making them perfect for gift giving. Other Route 29 Napa candies include: nut rolls, various flavors of caramels, licorice, and more.

Sonoma County Winegrape Chocolates - These unique chocolate truffles are perfect for those who are passionate about both chocolate and wine. These decadent chocolates are infused with the flavor of wine grapes from the top rated wine growing regions of Sonoma County, home of some of the best wines available. You can order a box of 16 chocolate truffles for yourself (or for your friends and family members).

Tortuga Rum Cakes - If you - or the people you're buying gifts for - enjoy rum cakes, you're sure to be pleased with delicious Tortuga Rum Cakes. Available in several different flavors, these delicious cakes are perfect gifts. They travel well, can be shipped virtually anywhere, and last quite along time when refrigerated or frozen.

Glutenfreeda Cookie Dough - If you - or someone on your holiday shopping list - is gluten intolerant, it's still possible to enjoy delicious sweet treats during the holidays (or any time of year). Made with all natural ingredients, Glutenfreeda cookie dough is available in a number of flavors, including: Sugar Kookies, Snicker Poodles, Chip Chip Hooray, Peanut Envy, and several others. Why not bake a batch to share with friends and loved ones during the holidays? They taste so great that even those who don't have a medical reason to enjoy gluten will enjoy them!


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