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All About Sweetest Day

Updated on March 7, 2014

Is Sweetest Day just another Valentine's Day in the Fall?

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Sweetest Day. This holiday falls on the third Saturday of October every year. It is celebrated across America, and most excitedly in the Northern United States. But the holiday is growing in popularity each year. Some people think it’s just another Valentine’s Day, but it’s actually much more.

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It's About Remembering Others

While Valentine's Day is typically a day of romance and love between sweethearts, Sweetest Day is actually more about family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, caregivers and teachers. It’s a day set aside to honor anyone who has been sweet to you over the last year. It could be that neighbor who feeds your cat while you are away or the paper boy who makes sure your paper lands safe and dry on your porch. Anyone can be included in this holiday.

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How Sweetest Day Started

Early in the 20th century, candy makers got together and formed Sweetest Day. They intended this holiday not only to help them market more candy to customers, but also to tout the benefits of eating chocolate. Researchers today are finding more and more health benefits of eating small amounts of chocolate. Its properties include everything from improving mood to releasing antioxidants. So, while the holiday may seem similar to Valentine’s Day, it’s really quite a separate holiday.


Celebration Ideas For Sweetest Day

Let the naysayers ignore Sweetest Day if they like. That won’t spoil the fun for the rest of us. Optimists look for reasons in life to celebrate and what could be finer than a day dedicated to the sweetest people in our lives? So, what are some ways you can make the day meaningful that go above and beyond giving a Sweetest Day gift to your sweetie?

  • Encourage your children to create lists of people in their lives who are special to them. Then do the same yourself. Don’t forget ballet teachers, bus drivers, the dental receptionist who makes you feel welcome, and the doorman who knows everyone by name.
  • Organize a charity event around the day. With not much going on mid-October, why not use Sweetest Day as an excuse to raise some much needed funds for a school or library? Or hold a sweets party and donate the profits to cancer research or an animal shelter? Teaching children to give back is a fabulous way to spend this day.
  • When you organize an event make it easy on yourself. Spread the work around. Ask everyone to bake something decadent and have a bake sale at church or at the office. Have a desserts-only tea. You bring the tea and everyone else brings the desserts. There are easy ways to organize a great event without a lot of hassle.
  • Ask a local apple orchard if you can show movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on an outdoor barn wall. Rent a projector and cue up the movie. Have sweet kettle corn and cider on hand. Invite the whole town. Kids will love watching a movie outside and parents will love apple and pumpkin picking afterwards. (And the orchard will love the business!)
  • Volunteer at a nursing home or elementary school on Sweetest Day. Offer to decorate sugar cookie gifts with the residents or the students. Read story books that celebrate sweet treats. Offer healthy choices too like sweet fruits to keep everyone happy. Above all, make your presence and gratitude felt. Thank the school for all they do for your children and let the elderly know that you care. Play Candy Land with the kids (the residents may love it too!). Show off your sweet side any way you see fit.
  • Appreciate the office staff. If you spend what seems like half your life at work, why not thank all the people who share the day with you? Thank that secretary who always unjams the copier for you with a bouquet of cookies. Bring in some freshly baked brownies for the computer techs who always fix your computer. Parking lot attendants, custodians and other unsung heroes would love to receive a sweet treat too.


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    • jkvkdailey4 profile image

      jkvkdailey4 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Although I love any chance to celebrate and give/receive gifts, Sweetest Day has never been high on my priority list. The ideas listed here are great but the "holiday" part escapes me.

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Cute hub! I love the variety of ideas to do on the special day, I've never celebrated it but it might be fun to do this year.