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Switzerland's Sex Boxes for Prostitutes

Updated on May 16, 2013
A French Woman off duty
A French Woman off duty
The Sex Box drive-in for customers
The Sex Box drive-in for customers

Switzerland has always been a progressive country. Even in WW2, it remained neutral while the rest of Europe was under Hitler's rule. It really frustrated him because of its strategic location. Today, the country has 14000 prostitutes trying to make a living. It is totally legal there and is treated as a legitimate business while spreading your legs.

In parts of Zurich, prostitution will be outlawed in certain areas of Zurich where it is everywhere, and has led to local complaints about women being harassed on the streets and the activities of pimps. Services vary, some women earn 100-300 euros a night. In Zurich, the city has decided to get the hookers off the street and in public view and forcing them to ply their services in sex boxes they have been built in an designated area. Located in an industrial area of the city, the row of garage-like boxes will have roofs and walls for privacy, and easy access for cars. About 30 hookers can service their clientele there at a time on a first come, first served basis, like a drive-in. Street prostitution is allowed in certain areas - for example at Häringstrasse in Niederdorf and in the northern part of the street Sihlquai next to Limmatplatz.

The hookers will have to pay for their use and clock in. The cost is around $5, they will have to insurance, and have a business license costing $30-35. Refusing to get a license will get a very steep fine costing hundreds of dollars, not having health insurance will end their career if caught.

Of course, the new prostitute section of Zurich will be near the rail hub of the city and generally a less nice locale, but the city council feels it is a good location for them to work because of the train station. However, the question begs many more questions, like, if there are 14000 of them and most are in the Zurich area, with only 30 sex boxes, what happens if all are busy and occupied? How does the city plan force them to have insurance and train them in health issues? If the hooker cannot pay the hefty fine, how long are they detained? Once can easily see what the city council is trying to do with the problem, but one can also see a lot more issues occurring in a snowball-like effect.

Also, many of them are working in the better parts of Zurich in clubs, bars and nice hotel lobbies, far away from the industrial area where the sex boxes are. How would the city enforce them to take their client to this sex box instead of a swank hotel bedroom?

I have no clue,LOL.


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    • swordsbane profile image

      William Grant 4 years ago from Wisconsin

      The problem of hookers in Switzerland is not that they have them. The reason they have so many is that there aren't as many other jobs for women to get in the country. Maybe if there were, they could cut down on the sex workers and they wouldn't need silly ideas like sex boxes and they could move on with their lives.