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Updated on May 21, 2016


The presence of the masons in the Spanish colognes, is too little well-informed, due to various historic events that affected Europe and the countries that constituted it, many of them had colognes in various places of the world being Spanish men and Portuguese them that bigger territorial extension had in Southern America, without that for it he stops mentioning the Englishmen and Frenchmen, her fights and rivalries.
In the case of the Peru, that it was conquered and colonized for the Spanish the documentation on the presence of masons in the epoch of the conquest and viceregal epoch is very scarce, however your presence I leave note in some unequivocally Masonic symbols.
One of these is located in the Low District of Chongos in the Province of Chupaca of the Región Junín, that he is visited by the inhabitants of the Valley of the Mantaro with assiduity and insurance that many not yet realized than this recorded in her.

James Leo of Short Chongos, is one of the most ancient towns of the Valley of the Mantaro, they say that the name Buns is a deformation of the Quechuan word Sonqo that means heart.
When the Spanish got to the Mantaro's Valley they came across the Nación Wanka, a very fierce ethnos that had not submitted to the Inca empire, with those who they held a constant war and similar action they realized with the Spanish, demonstrating your ancestral indomitable character the same one that he did not allow among other things than prosper the Capital City of the New Government of Castile (Some consider that it is the First Capital City of Spanish foundation of the Peru) in Jauja.
After the fashion of the existing documentation the church of Short Chongo starts up to forge the year of 1534 for the conqueror Pizarro, who he had uncovered gold mines and silver in the region, which is why case the Noblewoman and Bizarra Villa of James Leo of Chongos the July 25, 1534, title that as of today he shows off.
We should notice that there is another district with similar name, but located in the Province of Huancayo and in the upper reaches of the Valley of the Mantaro, that also has your church, it is he is called, Chongos Alto, whose political creation dates of 1907.

Devotion starts up with the arrival of the Spanish in the year 1533, we remember still the first cross of the conquest that I take the Dominican friar Vicente Valverde of Vallejeda to Cajamarca in the capture of the last Inca. This cross I come to Jauja and after a stop in Hatun sazwasqa Xauxa Tampu was taken to the Cusco by Peter of Candía, one of the thirteen ones belonging to the Island of the Rooster.
The Dominican friars ended up in the Malle of the Mantaro with consent of Valverde and of the Márquez Francisco Pizarro, after the Spanish foundation of Xauxa (Utopia) the Capital City of the New Government of Castile since not yet there was the Peru like state in October 1533.



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