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THE TALE OF BEN D'ED CADAVER - FuN!!! Use For Halloween Party or Fall Festival!!!

Updated on February 10, 2012

I was a leader in an after school club for children and was put in charge of coming up with something fun for kids of all ages to participate in for a Fall Festival. After thinking of the usual games and skits, I remembered a fun thing my sister had told us about that her youth group had done many years ago when she attended a Fall Festival. They had the kids come into a dark room and put their hands in buckets and try to guess what body part was in the bucket by feeling whatever it was with their hands. Of course, what they were feeling were things like peeled grapes for eyeballs, cooked spaghetti for intestines, etc., but she loved it. I decided to take it one step further and write my own story that would go along with the body parts in the bucket. It is called The Tale of Ben D'ed Cadaver. I am including it below so you can use it, if you would like, at a Halloween Party or Fall Festival. The kids in our club LOVED the story and feeling the body parts. I hope you will too! Suggestions for the body parts are following the story.


     This is the tale of Ben d’Ed Cadaver.  Now, Ben d’Ed was a boy of about 8 years old.  He was a very mischievous child and a daredevil of sorts.  He didn’t seem to be afraid of anything.  He loved trying new and crazy things just to see what the outcome would be.  One day, Ben was searching through his Mommas cupboards looking for something to get into when he came across a black bottle with an interesting looking skull and crossbones symbol emblazoned across the front.  Now, we all know what that type of symbol stands for and, well, so did Ben.  BUT crazy as he was, he also believed he was invincible, so he decided to take a little swallow just to see what would happen.  Ben’s momma walked in just as he was about to take a sip and she yelled “Ben d’Ed Cadaver!!  What in tar nation are ya doin’?  Put that there bottle of poison down this minute!  If’n you drink that stuff, you ill surely die!”  Ben d’Ed just looked at his momma and said “Oh Pashaw, Momma, I will not surely die!”  and he, “GULP”, took a swig anyway right there in front of his Momma!  Ben waited for his throat to close off so that he could throw himself on the floor gasping and clutching at this neck, dramatics being another one of Ben’s favorite things to do, but nothing happened!  Ben d’Ed angrily turned to his Momma and said “See, Momma, I tole you nuttin’ would happen to me.  I didn’t even get to fall over with a belly ache!  What a rip!”  BUT little did Ben know, that ole poison WAS doing something to him…it was slowly working its way through his body until it could find something to destroy…it first found its way to Ben’s eye sockets, causing them to grow larger and larger.  Now, this created a small problem for Ben d’Ed…his eyeballs (1) were forever fallin’ out of his head!  He would be sitting in school takin’ a test and durn if he eyeballs didn’t fall right out on his math test, lookin’ up at him instead of down at the test!  Although this kinda disturbed him at first, he got used to it after a while and would just pop them back in…he got to thinkin’ it was really kinda cool – it being a good way to creep the girls out.  One day, Ben was walking home from school and he got a splitting headache!  His head hurt so bad he thought his brain was melting!  Well, don’cha know, that is exactly what was happening.  That poison made its way to Ben’s brain, (2) small as it was, and turned it into a mushy, glob of brainy porridge!  A few weeks later the poison did make its way to Ben’s stomach and he DID get a belly ache…he actually threw up for five days straight!  He ended up throwin’ up all of his innerds, small and large intestines (3) alike!  He just couldn’t keep ANYTHING down.  But he got used to that too, he would just scoop them all up and shove them back in…No big deal!  BUT, that poison didn’t give up on old Ben’s stomach…it was still working its way through Ben’s body.  It was making him skinnier and skinnier until he looked like a walking skeleton…just skin and bones!  His fingers felt like twigs and his arms and legs like branches. (4)    His skin (5) became pallid and droopy, thin and see through!  His hair  (6) became thick and wiry like animal fur.  After a bit, he didn’t even seem to notice all those horrible changes.  One by one his teeth (7) began to turn color and fall out of his mouth, leaving dark, gaping holes in his ghastly hollow smile.  His knee caps and elbows (8) became unattached from his bones and floated around underneath his skin like apples bobbing under water.  Then one day…that ole’ deadly poison inched its way to Ben’s heart. (9)  It encircled its liquid fingers around the warm beating blob and dried up all Ben d’Ed’s blood that was pumping through it.  Poor Ben d’Ed was a sloppy mess of huge, sunken eye sockets, thin limp skin, soft, floating bones, a gaping hole of a mouth, dry, wiry hair and now a cold, stone heart. (10) BUT do you think that all bothered Ben d’Ed Cadaver?!  NO WAY!!  After all, he’d BEN D’ED all along!!




1.     Peeled grapes- eyeballs

2.     cold oatmeal - brain

3.     cooked spaghetti - intestines

4.     twigs and branches – fingers and arms

5.     pizza dough - skin

6.     pieces of wire - hair

7.     Indian corn kernels - teeth

8.     balloon filled with water and floating balls – kneecaps and elbows

9.     jello jiggler - heart

10.  rock - heart



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    • LABrashear profile image

      LABrashear 6 years ago from My Perfect Place, USA

      I had heard of the hands in the body parts idea, but the story with it is fun! Thanks for sharing.