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Tips To Celebrate Your Kids First Birthday

Updated on May 24, 2014
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Tips To Celebrate Your Kids First Birthday


Be it your first or second Child's birthday, you always want to make his/ her first birthday a very special one. We love to throw a huge party with load of colour, decoration, plates, expensive cakes, flowers, games and linens. But, we actually consider what our little ones care about at the age of one- I am sure they would defiantly not even see some beautifully wrapped gifts, balloons and the custom cake. So what can we actually do for our kids first birthday?

First birthday party can always be a tricky one. As they include very much of adults rather than the baby. But, still we parents want to make this a really memorable celebration which can be enjoyed by the birthday child and at the same time mark the occasion with the other friends and family to add loads of birthday wishes.

Read The Below Article To Get Some First Birthday Party Ideas With Great Tips, Advice And Even Concepts:

1. Think About The Guests:

Always remember to keep you guest list really small, in fact just 9-10 friends would be enough. You can also invite the older siblings, relatives and family. The very important point, please hire a good teenage sitter to give you a helping hand and come over the serving problems.

2. Duration of the First Birthday Party:

Just don’t stretch the time that isn’t really required, Keep it really short. In fact 2 hours is just enough time for your kids 1 year birthday party. Taking more time for the party can leave you little one win a mess and they may get irritated with the noise and large number of people.

3. What About the Food?

The food must be very simple that doesn’t cause any allergies. Be conscious about the way you are serving the food example: don’t cut and keep the fruit and cheese sticks for longer time. Instead you can opt for more of the packaged organic snacks that help the parents of any kids to read the allergies mentioned on the label if any and give them to their young ones.

4. Activity on the Birthday:

Keep the fuss to the minimal. You can just arrange some tricycles, painting activity, sidewalk chalk or bubbles game to let the other kids enjoy them. This also looks cute and kids will love the most.

At the same time don’t forget to Be Playful with the birthday party theme. Though this birthday bash may be for adults rather than the babies, you can always get your inner child come out. Pick some theme which is very fun and youthful that everyone can enjoy together on your kids first birthday.

5. Selecting Party Favours:

Party favours are loved by everyone, be it of any age. They are always expected by everyone as a part of party these days, but keep in mind to avoid keeping any plastic junkies or candy as a favour. You can go with few useful or educational favourite favours like books, water bottles, pencil kits, and snack bags. You need not keep these party favours that are very expensive, but just that they must be worth of the extra cost. Take advice from friends and go shopping with them go get few helpful ideas and deals.

6. Keep The Memories:

Having too much fuss for the first birthday party is not really what we recommend, but you must surely document them. Go for some incredible pictures clicked by photographer such as Cake Smash on your 1 year old, diaper or onesie picture, getting too messy photo with their birthday cake. Do collect such Precious moments that are never going to come back in your life again!

So whether you have a big bash or just some simple get together, you can always make your child's 1st birthday very wonderful. So start using these ideas and don’t forget to click many pictures to maintain the memories!

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