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Tailgate Party Ideas: Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

Updated on June 23, 2011

Tips for Tailgaters: How to Tailgate with a Bloody Mary!

Every tailgater knows, food is almost always the highlight of any great tailgate party. Whether it's hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs or chicken, you really can't go wrong. But, what's a good tailgate party without a drink or two?

Beer and soda are the most typical tailgate party beverages enjoyed by tailgaters. A Bloody Mary would be another fun drink to serve at your tailgate party, depending on whether there are a lot of under age tailgaters at the party or not.

A Bloody Mary is a great daytime drink and complements most typical tailgate food and all the ingredients can be stored in your coolers with the rest of your tailgate food and drinks.

Everyone has their own way of making a Bloody Mary, so to make your tailgate party a little unique, you could feature a "Make Your Own Bloody Mar Bar" with all kinds of ingredients on hand for tailgaters in attendance.

Here is what you will need to have a Bloody Mary bar at your next tailgate party:

A Toast to Tailgate Parties!

A Tasty Tailgate Bloody Mary
A Tasty Tailgate Bloody Mary | Source

Bloody Mary Bar Setup:

- Tailgate Table
- Plastic Cups
- Stir Straws
- Ice

To set up your Bloody Mary bar simply provide another table next to the one being used to serve your tailgate party food.

If there is enough room for both the Bloody Mary bar and the food on the same table, one tailgate table should suffice.

Make sure there is plenty of ice and plenty of plastic cups on hand. If possible, a separate ice bucket for the bar would work best.

You will want to have stir straws available for your tailgaters since most Bloody Marys feature a lot of ingredients to be mixed together.

Bloody Mary Ingredients:

- Vodka
- Tomato Juice (or Bloody Mary mix)
- Salt and Pepper
- Worcestershire Sauce
- A1 Sauce
- Lemon Juice
- Tabasco Sauce

For a tailgate party of 6-8 people, one bottle of vodka and two cans of tomato juice should be enough. Any more and you may want to consider purchasing backups.

Feel free to buy rail vodka for your Bloody Mary bar as the taste of the vodka is almost completely watered down by the rest of the ingredients (unless one of your tailgaters prefers their cocktails to be very, very strong).

You can either provide tomato juice or a pre-made Bloody Mary mix that will already have some of the ingredients mixed in.

There is a wide variety of Bloody Mary mixes to choose from with some unique flavors available online.

If possible, offer a variety of tabasco and hot sauces at your tailgate party as some people prefer their Bloody Mary to be very spicy, while others like a more mild drink.

Bloody Mary Recipe:

- Pour in 2 ounces Vodka
- Pour in 6 ounces Tomato Juice
- Pour in 7 drops Worcestershire Sauce
- Pour in 5 drops Tabasco Sauce
- Squeeze in half a Lemon
- Stir ingredients
- Add garnishes

It is likely that the Bloody Mary recipe for each tailgater will be completely different.

Some may want a very strong drink with extra vodka while other tailgaters may not include any alcohol at all. Especially if a tailgate party guest is under the legal drinking age.

As previously mentioned, some may add a lot of tabasco or hot sauce while others won't use any for their Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary Video Recipe

Bloody Mary Garnishes

- Celery
- Olives
- Pickles
- Lemon Wedges
- Lime Wedges
- Mushrooms
- String Cheese
- Sausage Stick
- Shrimp
- Cucumber
- Umbrella
- Chaser of Beer

The most typical Bloody Mary garnishes would be celery, pickles and olives. These can either be directly dropped into the drink, or skewered onto a drink pick.

Fancier garnishes for a Bloody Mary include string cheese, sausage sticks, shrimp and of course a cocktail umbrella. It can be fun to give new garnishes a try, so offering some of these rare Bloody Mary ingredients should please your tailgate party guests.

In some regions of the USA, people like to have a chaser of beer with their Bloody Mary. The beer is typically a domestic brand and can be served in a different plastic cup or straight from the can or bottle.

While it's important to have fun at your tailgate party, and a Bloody Mary bar is sure to make that happen, make sure you and your tailgate party guests drink responsibly and get home safe from the event.


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