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How to take great Halloween pictures

Updated on March 14, 2015
Halloween photo
Halloween photo

Great halloween photos

Halloween is one of the best holidays to get some great pictures. It is a chance to get great shots of people in a way that you will not be able to get at any other time of the year.

You will be able to find some great backgrounds, and props to enhance your Halloween photos. Things that you will not find the rest of the year.

There are also many opportunities to take great Halloween photos without people in them. Some fun shots of decorations that can be photos you will enjoy for many year to come.

Photo projects

Book on special landscape projects that will make you a better photographer.

Halloween photos

The origins of Halloween come from the ancient Celtic holiday called Samhain. This was a festival celebrating the fall harvest, and to honor the people who had died in their village that year.

It was also a Catholic holiday to honor the saints, called All Hallows Eve. I'm not sure how it got to be a day where kids dress up as a character that they like, and go knock on peoples doors and ask for free candy.

Although it is a fun day for kids. It's also a fun day for adults to dress in a costume that they may fantasize about, or just find funny, and go to bars and parties.

Whatever the reasons, it does make for an opportunity to get some great Halloween photos.

Halloween photos

The three most important things to remember when taking Halloween photos are.

1. Know what the subject of your photo is. Don't just take shots, make sure you are focusing on the subject when you take the shot. It can be a person, a building, a pumpkin, whatever you want the shot to be.

2. Then think about how you can use other things to enhance that subject. You can use anything available. Be careful that the other things in the shot, do not take the viewers eyes from the subject. You want them to draw the eye to the subject.

3. Don't get anything else in the shot that does not enhance the subject. Or anything that draws attention away from the subject.

An example. If you take a shot that has a beautiful fall tree with bright colored leaves on it. Then you have a picture of your son or daughter standing in front of the tree. What is the subject? Is the person to enhance the tree, or the tree to enhance the person?

If you want to use fall colors to enhance a person, get the person filling most of the shot. Or use the leaves as a prop with a piece of the tree leaves behind them, or with them sitting in a pile of leaves.

If you want a picture of a beautiful tree, use the blue sky to enhance it.

To get the best halloween photos

If you have an SLR, you will be able to get better shots. If you don't have an SLR, you can still get some great Halloween photos.

You just have to be more creative and may have to do some post processing. Use the fastest lens that you have. You don't want to use the flash most of the time. You want to take the shots using the available light.

Many times in Halloween photos, it's the light that is the best enhancement. If you don't have a fast enough lens, set the ISO higher so you need less light.

With most SLR cameras, if you can set the ISO to 800 without getting too much noise. With a fast lens, you can get great photos without using the flash at all.

Use the setting sun for some great photos, use the last light of day for your shots. The low sun angle and the last light in the sky, can add some good enhancements to your shots.

Try getting some candid shots of the kids getting ready to go out for Halloween. If their running around and excited, you may have to use the flash. Try using a mirror for some reflection shots.

Halloween photos

This shot I took with a flash, and a point and shoot camera. To make the shot the best it could be, I had to crop the shot to take out distracting and unimportant things.

The subject of my shot was my granddaughter. This was a candid shot, there was not anything else in the shot that made it better, so I took it out.

The shot at the top of the article, I took in daylight, there is no doubt what the subject of the photo is. If you like the photo or not, you know what it is about. I cropped out the unwanted things and focused on the subject.

This shot was taken in the middle of the yard, with the flash. The flash can also be used to make sure that you don't have anything else in the shot to distract from the subject. Experiment with different things and see what works good. Keep in mind the 3 things for a good picture.

If you want to take pictures of jack o lanterns, don't use a flash. Have candles inside to show light through the carving. Then put a candle behind the pumpkin to create a sort of glow around the pumpkin to enhance the subject.

There are many things like this that you can do to make some great shots. The most important thing to remember to get great Halloween photos, focus on the subject. Then use interesting things to enhance the subject, get rid of things that don't enhance the subject, or detract from it.

Halloween and trick or treating is fun for kids, it's fun for a lot of adults. It is also fun for photographers to get some great Halloween photos.


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    • spease profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from Minneapolis Mn

      You might have to take a break from the costumes one year to get some photos. It is a good time to take fun photos. Get your wife to dress up and take pics of her.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      I love this time of year and I am always too busy in costume being the one photographed to get my own. LOL The wife is no photographer believe me.


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