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Taking Great Baby Pumpkin Pictures

Updated on April 13, 2015
Photo taken by: Joe Goldberg
Photo taken by: Joe Goldberg | Source

If it is your baby’s first Halloween, you may want to take some baby pumpkin pictures. There are a number of cute ways to stage these photos for maximum adorable-ness (these photos are also great additions to a yearly photo collage Christmas card). Here are several ways you can make a cute baby pumpkin picture.

The most common method to make a cute photo is to carve the pumpkin, then put the baby inside. Make sure to buy a pumpkin that is big enough for the baby, but not so big the baby is lost in the pumpkin. For maximum comfort, you may want to put a blanket inside the pumpkin. Make sure this is not a favorite blanket, as the blanket is sure to get pumpkin guts on it (though as a parent on diaper duty, that probably shouldn’t phase you too much).

Green blankets and little green hats make for very cute "pumpkin stems", as shown in the photo to the right.

Photo taken by: Abigail Batchelder
Photo taken by: Abigail Batchelder | Source

Another idea is to bring your baby to a pumpkin patch. The trick with this is to ensure that the pumpkin patch is not muddy. You can even bring other family members and friends into the photo, making an excellent “fall” family portrait. The contrast of the pumpkins to the rest of the ground help emphasize the time of year.

Photo taken by: Colin Creitz
Photo taken by: Colin Creitz | Source
Photo taken by: James Willcox
Photo taken by: James Willcox | Source
Photo taken by: Joe Bar
Photo taken by: Joe Bar | Source

A spin on the pumpkin patch is to bring the pumpkin patch home with you, then dress up the young munchkin. This extra staging effort can result in a photo that shows you took extra effort to make adorable. After the cutie is all dressed up you can place them in the middle of the pumpkins or have the pumpkins in the background, slightly blurred out.

This is also a great way to show off their Halloween costume!

If setting your baby on the ground is not the way you want to go, there are still several options. You can drape some cloth over a car seat and put pumpkins around that.You can also use the baby's bath container instead of a car seat, if that works better for you.

Photo taken by: Nathan Bittinger
Photo taken by: Nathan Bittinger | Source

Another indoor option would be to simple lean the pumpkin and baby next to each other, like this photo below. This effect makes it look the like the pumpkin and baby are leaning on each other to have a photo taken together. (Works best when pumpkin is carved with a face)

Photo taken by: Mark Evans
Photo taken by: Mark Evans | Source

One final option to consider. The pumpkin’s pattern and the baby’s Halloween outfit could match. For example, a star captain could have a space ship next to him or a lion tamer could have a lion pumpkin next to him. Below is a photo that is an excellent example of combining pumpkin and outfit.

Photo taken by: mrplough
Photo taken by: mrplough | Source

Hopefully these methods have inspired you on some ways you can take cute baby pumpkin pictures. As always, a happy baby takes the best pictures, so nap timing is also important. Best of luck!

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4 Tips for Baby’s First Halloween

When it comes to baby’s first Halloween, or first anything for that matter, the tendency is wanting to spoil. However, there are several Halloween tips to keep the entire family happy; baby included.

Keep the Costume Simple

While everyone wants their baby to be super cute on their first Halloween, it may be best to avoid complicated costumes. Most baby’s will throw off little accessories or put them in their mouths. Furthermore, they may soil in the costume, resulting in needing to take it on or off several times. Having a simpler costume may be the way to approach their first Halloween.

Specific Trick-or-Treating

The urge is to go out and show off your new child to the neighborhood. While you and your neighbors might enjoy this, the little one may tire out and fall asleep early. Don’t be upset or frustrated, they may be too young. A potential alternative is to put them in their costume early and visit specific family/friends for a custom “trick or treat” show off session.

Timing is Important

If you do go out and trick-or-treat in the neighborhood, then make sure to go early. Many babies fall asleep when it gets dark. Usually it is best to trick-or-treat during light hours before all the bigger kids come out.

Trick-or-Treat Helper

One idea is to stay home and have the little one help you pass out candy. This way, the neighborhood can see the cute munchkin’s outfit, but the little one can go to bed when it is their bedtime.

Hopefully with these tips your baby’s first Halloween is a pleasant experience for not just the little one, but the entire family. If you have any other suggestions or comments, feel free to leave those below!


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