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Teddy Bear Costume--Perfect For Halloween

Updated on October 4, 2010
Teddy  Bear Costume 1
Teddy Bear Costume 1
Teddy Bear Costume 2
Teddy Bear Costume 2
Teddy Bear costume 3
Teddy Bear costume 3
Teddy Bear Costume 4
Teddy Bear Costume 4
Teddy Bear Costume 5
Teddy Bear Costume 5
Teddy Bear Costume 6
Teddy Bear Costume 6
Teddy Bear costume 7
Teddy Bear costume 7

Teddy Bear Halloween Costume

Teddy bear costumes are really perfect for Halloween outfits, They are also great for any other costume dress event. Teddy bears got their name from US president Teddy Roosevelt in the early years of the 20th century, and these bears quickly became a favorite toy all around the globe.

 Teddy Roosevelt was on a hunting trip and he refused to shoot a bear which was being held in captivity, as he considered this to be a very unsporting thing to do. This quickly became a very big news story and this was the start of the so called "Teddy bear". It seems odd to the point of being ridiculous that an event as simple as this one should be the start of a simple stuffed toy which has become the favorite plaything of children everywhere--not to mention the many adults who enjoy them also..

The first teddy bears were manufactured by the Steiff company in Germany about the year 1905. If you find one of these early Teddies in nice condtion today it is worth thousands of dollars. Many Teddy bear collectors are quite manic about bears and will travel anywhere to obtain a  really good old bear. The result of all this is a huge interest in anything associated with Teddy bears, and Halloween outfits are certainly not an exception.

You can find a really good selection of teddy bear costumes online. These costumes are available in all possible sizes starting from infant, toddler, young person right up to to adult sizes. A wide variety of styles is available to select from also.

You could be a Teddy bear at Halloween and be the center of attention of your party. This is also a really fine outfit for accompanying the kids on the trick or treat rounds. Pretty well all kids love teddy bears, and many adults still have their old childhood teddy stored in a drawer. Some still keep them on their bed on display to bring joy and long ago memories into their lives.

The phenomenon of the Teddy bear is an interesting one. More kids go to bed every night cuddling a teddy bear than any other toy or doll. There is something  just so cuddlesome about a Teddy bear.You will quite definitely be a big hit in your Teddy bear costume at Halloween or at any costume party. This is definitely an outfit that never gets out of fashion.

Teddy bears have played a big role in many peoples childhood days, and are a fond memory from long ago for most of us. This is the reason that  a Teddy bear costume is a really big hit everywhere at fancy dress events. Most people just love to see someone dressed as a teddy bear. It takes them way back to fond nostalgic memories of the past, and their early childhood, and just makes them feel good.

 You  may still have an old teddy bear stored somewhere and you need not feel stupid about this.  It is a fact an awful lot of folks still keep old Teddy and just can't bear to give him up. It is comforting to them just to cuddle him and take a trip down memory lane to times of long ago and of childhood innocence. There is no doubt that this is why collecting teddy bears has become such a passion for a lot of people.

You can see pictures of lots of Teddy bear costumes at our website Teddy bear  Halloween costumes 

At our blog you will find lots of info about halloween costumes and a great video Halloween costumes

Teddy Bear Halloween

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  • Moxyl profile image


    8 years ago

    They look hilarious :) Should be suitable not only for Halloween! Thanks for putting them together!


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