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Teenagers and the Best Gifts of the Season

Updated on November 28, 2012

The teen years are always the time of struggle and venture for most teens. It is the time where they start to seek out their independency and often venture trying risk behavior and rejecting authority if this independency cannot be achieved in a constructive manner.

What most people forget is that during the teen years is the time where personality is sharpened and a self concept becomes more defined. The likes. hobbies, and activities you teen want to pursue are related to his/her personality, and in turn all these interests are related around to one thing.....TECHNOLOGY

Personal likes and Techonology

Some teens develop an interest in writings. Either poetry, narratives, tall tales, or even articles like me, i started in Hubpages community since i was 18. I am 19 now and my interest have sharpened more and i find more and more everyday in this community.


There lots of programs for free style and other forms of writing. Ranging from software for tablets, smart phones, computers, and other devices. Most are free and some other are inexpensive. Please Note: If your teen already owns any of the devices above, consider these free or non expensive options:

1) Kindle: Free program from Amazon team that brings countless free and paid novels, comics, books, school listed books, and just about any other type of literature you can name. This Kindle comes free for nay smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac. You can also buy an Amazon Ereader or Kindle fire at your choice. The user can also create his very own pice of literature in the ebook writer program.

2) The Mac App Store: A simple search through the Mac App store can provide a list of writing and reading software, both paid and free. This can also provide a list of other paid and free software for drawing, sketching, and just about any thing you look for.

3) eBook Giftcard: I know is not exciting to unwrap a gist and get a book, especially for a teen or a child. For some reason, unwrapping an eBook gift card is beyond known excitement. This can purchase any type of literature in the Apple store or Amazon kindle.


Again, every teen interest now is gravitating around technology in one way or another. Ina different range, gifts for teens who like music or have interest in forming a band can be not only digital software like for those who like literature. For these teens any virtual or physical tool or instrument will do the job. to connect the guitar to the laptop to take to the garage with the band is exciting. I did it a few times.

1) USB cable for Guitar: This is a less than $15 dollars option. This is a cable that connects to the guitar and has a USB port at the end to connect it to the computer or tablet or speaker. most come with an integrated software that helps record and enhance the music recorded.

2) Apple Garage Band: this a program integrated in iLife. The last time i heard fo it, the price was for about $6. It is great, amazing i use it, but works only on Mac computers and all other Apple products.


Again, having a notebook or sketchbook around is good. For the artist teen it is better to have some other tools around too. Consider this digital and hardware options:

1) Apple Mac App Store: doing a simple search for a sketch program will provide a list fo free and paid programs for sketching. Ranging from beginners to train, learn, and improve skills, to professionals to boost their master skills.

2) Digital Sketch book: This is similar in shape to a normal paper sketch pad and even comes with a pencil, however, this creates a digital image rather than a pencil drawing. One can take the pencil and draw lines and shapes around forming an image and then save it. This is a good option because the teen can have acces to several different features like line thickness, shadow tone, and size of of the drawing.

Wooden keyboard

Lego blocks Keyboard


This one is a whole lot easier. Just about any thing for his/her computer, no matter how useless it looks he/she will find a creative use for it, trut me.

1) Decoration: Colorful cases and attractive sleeves, stickers and decals, and keyboard covers made of wood or lego blocks.

2) Upgrades: playing more games or running more programs often require several upgrades. Hard drives, solid state drives, and memory ram upgrades will help gett he job done.


Almost all teenagers love to take pictures in the bathroom or mirrors. But some teenagers will love to make photography a hobby.

1) Tools: These are great for smartphones and tablets that already come with several integrated photo enhancing softwares. These are zoom in/zoom out lenses and other types fo effect lenses.

2) Programs: Almost all teens love to like memes on Facebook and many other win publicity by creating pages of memes of popular figures like La Ministra de salud SV, the soon to be 100 years old Dr. Isabel Rodriguez the health minister of El Salvador who never retires and in Facebook is believed to be everlasting. Or bad luck brian, the bad luck character who lives the most unexplainable and unlucky situations.Back tot the topic, some programs are amazing for enhancing pictures and creating photos, like photoshop.

3) A Camera: This is a good option. Just remember that in this article i explain how nowadays every single teen interest gravitates somehow around technology. A flip USB camera or facebook/Instragram ready camera is more favorable.

Laptop Decal


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