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Best Party Themes for Teens

Updated on June 22, 2017
Party Balloons Photo via Unsplash
Party Balloons Photo via Unsplash | Source

Great Ideas for Teen Birthday Parties

Check out these great teen b-day ideas for your upcoming celebration! You'll find lots of theme and activities suggestions! Find out what other teenagers think, too, and enter your own brainstorms! Answer poll questions to help others decide on their event foods, drinks, decor, friends to invite and more!

There are endless possibilities for making your gathering super fun, cool, or even fancy! Use what you see and learn on this page to launch a brainstorming session to decide on what to plan!

Enjoy and happy partying!

A Quiz! What Kind of Party Person Are You?

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Ferris Wheel Photo via Unsplash
Ferris Wheel Photo via Unsplash | Source

Party Themes

Are teens too old for party themes?

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To Theme or Not to Theme?

Teenagers know what they like!

Themes for parties are simply a jumping-off point. After picking a theme (or just a vision of what you want the party to be), brainstorm for cool (or silly or elegant) decorations, party planning ideas, activities for guests, yummy party snacks, drinks, cake and ice cream and more!

Take a theme here or think up one on your own and run with it! Have fun playing with the possibilities for outrageously cool party cakes, table covers. cups, napkins, plates, balloons and more! There are supplies to buy at party stores, online, at Walmart, and even at the Dollar Tree. Creative types can make fun decorations!

Just be sure to go with a party idea that fits the birthday teen & his or her friends!

One great way to pick a theme is to brainstorm.

Let your mind go wild thinking about things you like, favorite songs, colors you enjoy, etc.

A Big List of Teenage Party Themes

Here are some ideas you can consider for your teen, tween, or more mature teenager gathering:

General/Casual Ideas

  • Color (mainly red, mainly green, etc)
  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • Black-light
  • Glitter & shine
  • General costumes
  • Polka-dots

Girly Ideas

  • Make-up swap
  • Makeovers
  • Spa night
  • Jewelry/accessory swap
  • Beauty shop visit
  • Pedicures
  • Make-up, Makeover

For Creative Types

  • Painting a canvas
  • Fashion design
  • Craft-making
  • Re-decorating a room
  • Room painting
  • Attending a creative class

For Foodies

  • Potluck dinner
  • Trying one or more ethic restaurants
  • Japanese dinner at home
  • Cooking class/lesson
  • Pasta-making
  • Baking contest
  • Picnic in the park
  • Chili cook-off

For Sporty Types

  • Attending a sporting event
  • Playing a sport
  • Rock wall climbing, bowling, etc
  • Pool or beach swimming
  • Build an obstacle course
  • Learn something new (karate?)
  • Visit a driving range or batting cage

Just For Fun: Specific Theme Ideas

  • Retro or futuristic
  • Favorite animals, books, movies
  • Game night with multiple games or one long one
  • Las Vegas, New York, Hollywood
  • Cos-play & anime
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Medieval feast
  • Neon
  • Prince and/or princess
  • Superhero
  • Vintage dress
  • Hippie dress
  • Mermaid/ocean
  • Disney
  • Country-western
  • Glam & glitter
  • Pop star karaoke
  • Have a cos-play ball

Fancy Stuff

  • Rent a limousine
  • Go out to a fancy dinner
  • Dancing
  • Have a formal fancy ball
  • Make a gourmet dinner at home; eat on the good china
  • Have a chef teach a cooking lesson
  • Go to a play, a concert, a special charity event

Unique Ideas for Your Birthday

  • Celebrate in the futuristic style you imagine when you will be 100 years old
  • Celebrate in the style of the year you were born (the music, photos of you as a baby, etc)

Party Builder!

Balloons & streamers
Snacks & drinks only
In person paper invitations
No theme
Themed purchased decor
Lunch or dinner food
A little bit themed
Themed homemade decor
A meal + snacks
Purchase and mailed
Casual, fun theme
Entertainment venue
No decorations
No food
Just ask
Fancy theme
Pick one thing from each column to brainstorm and build your party theme! Once you decide on these, start thinking about what kind of themes and party items go along with your choices.

Poll Question

Would a fancy dress-up party be fun for teens (like prom dresses and glitz)?

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Disco Ball Photo
Disco Ball Photo | Source

Poll Question

For a Retro Party, which of these would be most fun, in your opinion?

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Color scheme for a co-ed teen party?

What is the best color scheme for a co-ed teen party?

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Teens at Beach Photo via Unsplash
Teens at Beach Photo via Unsplash | Source

Teen Party Activities

Which of these activities is the most fun for teenagers?

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Teen Sleep-overs - Slumber Parties

Slumber Parties - cool or not?

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Co-ed Sleep-overs opinion poll question

Co-ed Sleep-overs - okay or not?

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Party Poll Question - Chaperones?

Should a party with teens under the age of 18 have an adult in the house or party area?

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What is the best dinner food for a teen party?

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Party Snacks

Best party snacks?

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Thank you sharing your own great party theme ideas here!

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