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Decide to Celebrate Tell the Truth Day July 7th and Everyday

Updated on January 19, 2013

"...And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

by... Jesus Christ (John 8:32)

"Most people, including ourselves, live in a world of relative ignorance. We are even comfortable with that ignorance, because it is all we know. When we first start facing truth, the process may be frightening, and many people run back to their old lives. But if you continue to seek truth, you will eventually be able to handle it better. In fact, you want more! It's true that many people around you now may think you are weird or even a danger to society, but you don't care. Once you've tasted the truth, you won't ever want to go back to being ignorant!"

Socrates (469 - 399 BC)
Quouted by Plato Book 7 of The Republic The Allegory of the Cave
Retreived from

Can You Imagine a World with NO LIES?

July 7th 2010 is National Tell the Truth Day. Are you up for the challenge? No reason to lie. No occasion to hide the truth. Does that sound interesting to you? I’m up for the challenge. I hope you are.

BUT WAIT: A few things to consider; your truth poured out like so much water can cause mud or the nourishment needed for growth. Also, your truth may be just that, ‘your truth’ made up of gut feelings and opinions, not necessarily real facts or even faith.

For this reason it is important to set some ground rules:

Rule 1: IN LOVE – What is said can and should be done with the person’s best interest at heart. Perfect Love Cast out fear, Covers a multitude of sins, and is out of our best intentions not selfish motives.

Rule 2: REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE –Believe it or not, we reap what we sow. Let the truth you share be in a manner that you would also appreciate.

Rule 3: CONSIDER GRACE - There are times the truth is better left for a later date, or better yet, decide if the truth is something you know, they know, and all that is needed is just a simple letting go... .Graciously consider letting the person off the hook for now or forever. You’ll appreciate this same courtesy one day.



Decide to tell the truth today using the Three Rule System

Call, write, email, connect with someone with positive affirming truth


Watch funny movies with the theme of 'Truth' or Consequence of 'Lies'

Invites some friends over for the TRUTH or DARE


Make this part of your personal Character Development












...and That's THE TRUTH!

"...And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

by... Jesus Christ (John 8:32)

Play a game to test your abilities to tell and recognize the truth

To Tell The Truth - From the Hit TV Show

Truth or Dare

A Real LIE DETECTOR! Downloadable Voice Recognition Software


Try some of these Fun and Helpful Links:

  • Movies & Television to watch with Family or Friends

1. Lie to Me

  • Fox TV Series (Watch full episodes online at FOX Network)

2. Jacob the Liar

3. Liar Liar

4. The Invention of Lying

  • Gervais & Robinsoncky ('The Office')

5. Big Fat Liar

  • With Jason Shepherd (of Malcom in the Middle)



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