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Ten ideas for Mother's Day or any occassion for Mom

Updated on March 10, 2013
Give her candle lit dinner
Give her candle lit dinner

Mother's Day is coming soon

Every year it creeps up on me! I see people selling quick gifts on the side of the road like flowers and candies. But I wonder whatwould mom really like? What would light up her day? What would be the gift that she brings up all the time in conversations, that will be the envy of your siblings? Think about what makes your mother happy. Is she sentlmental? Is she a home body person or does she have an always on the go life?

Make a list of what your mom likes, think about maybe what she needs or what could make her day easier. You can do this for dad too. There are several different moms with different interest, needs, and enjoyments. I do not think all moms are crazy about the traditional flowers and candy. Do something from your heart this year, give her an unexpected surprise this year!

Choose one of these ideas

1. Prepare her favorite meal: Sure you can cook her a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or get someone who cooks great to help you. Make it special set the table with roses and candles. Make sure to remember dessert

2.Give her a personal poem with a picture of you and her when you were a kid: I did this one year, and my mother loved it. Basically, find a picture of her with you. Dads you can help your little ones do this for mom. Make a rough draft of what you think is special about your mom. You can think of words that will describe her. Type it out and upload a picture to put with it. Remember poems do not have to ryhme.

3. Take her shopping: You do not have to have a lot of money. You may want to give her say 50 dollars for anything, a new pair of shoes, groceries, an outfit, etc.

4. Create her a calendar with pictures and quotes:You can find a department store with a photo center take them 12 or more pictures and write down things you remember your mom saying when you were a kid or what she says now that is uniquely her. It could be funny things, words of wisdom, etc. Make sure to tell the photo clerk what you want each month to have. Pre write the quotes and pre select the order of the pictures before you go to the store. Also you have to do this ahead of time so that they can mail you the calendar. Special order calendars with text take time to complete. You can expect 3 weeks of waiting to recieve it in the mail or pick it up from the store.

5. Do house chores: Moms are always busy. Rather they work or stay at home, if they are a great mom they have a lot to do. So it is always a good idea to help with the chores. Let mom sit around while you wash dishes, vacuum, mop, dust, etc.

6. Pay for her to get her hair and nails done: Most women like to be pampered every once in a while. This is sure to make her day!

7. Make a new Mother's Day tradition that you and your siblings or dad do for her or with her every year. You might do a yearly barbeque, or a three day weekend family trip to a near by, nice city. Maybe you guys can bake minicakes and visit a shelter for abused mothers and make their day. Or you might like plays and shows, and every year you take mom to see one.

8. Make a vow to do what she says: This might sound funny or wierd, but every year when I was a kid my mom would say on Mother's day that all she wanted was an obedient child. So give her what she is asking to see when it is really the right thing to do anyway. If you are in college, for example, and mom says bring up those grades and concentrate on learning, well then vow to do so and show her you are changing as the months go by.

9.Ask her what she wants: Dads you know what the mother of your children wants. Maybe its that to do list she has asked you over and over again to fix. Kids just ask her and listen!

10. Let her get a way for a day: Most moms including myself would like a day vacation at least. Especially, moms of small children, they like to get time for themselves.


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    • dbroomfi profile image

      Dominique Broomfield 5 years ago from Texas,USA

      Thanks for the comment

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 5 years ago

      Some of these ideas are so original and creative ! Voted up and useful !