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Ten Real Gifts For Kids At Christmas

Updated on February 2, 2015

We live in a day where technology seems to reign supreme. Everyday a new game or phone or tablet pops up and it the new must have for kids and adults alike. Honest to goodness I think that PS3 add is so apt with that baby's head on a man's body because really men do act like little boys when in front of the PS3 playing their favorite game. It is a thing to behold truly. Kids love these games and gadgets but really all these things encourage them to live in a constant virtual world and not a real one. Don't get me wrong, gadgets are nice but there are some gifts for kids that I think benefit them mentally, physically, and can genuinely bring a smile to their faces no matter what. That said here is my list of ten simple gifts that a kid could possibly love.

#10 - A Skipping rope.

Yes I said a skipping rope. Do you know the hours children spend outside with that thing having a marvelous time? Boys and girls enjoy it and it is just a rope for them to jump with! Simple. It is a great interaction tool. You don't believe me? Let anyone go outside and start to skip and soon the kids in the neighborhood will come around and say I want to try. Or maybe I am just too old and that only happened in my day....maybe.

#9 - A Pogo Stick.

Once again a simple contraption which you can jump with and have a ball of a time. And a laugh too. I loved these things and still do. Too bad I was terrible at it and fell constantly but that is another story...

#8 - Roller skates

Or roller blades or whatever it is they call them today. The pair of shoes with the wheels on the bottom. That thing. It is great fun to roll instead of walk. Actually I always stoop rolled because I would fall again. I think I maybe have an inner ear problem or something because I could never balance. Whatever.

#7 - A Skateboard

A skateboard is what we would call cool in my day. Hours of trying out new stunts and exclaiming when it was perfectly executed. Of course I would be the looker- on with the bandage on my knee but anyhow.

#6 - A Trampoline

This is jumping at it's best you jump and then you keep on jumping with little or no effort and if you fall, it doesn't hurt...unless you fall off the trampoline which I know you are thinking I probably did but Ha! I was too chicken to jump that high so there!

#5 - A Hula Hoop

Yes I would rank it this high. Hula Hoops are not only for Hula Hooping. You can play Hula Hoop races and race the Hula Hoop down the street with a stick. Quite fun if you ask me but maybe I have a simple mind. It is more fun to shoot the enemy and see the blood splatter on the screen in front of you.

#4 - A Cricket Bat

Or a baseball bat and glove if you prefer. Hours upon hours of cricket fun with your friends from the neighborhood. Anyone remember those days? Where the bat and ball were joined to you at the hip? You wore it like you wear your phone now. Except your bat could get banged up but if your phone gets a scratch you feel like you want to cry.

#3 - A Football

Yes a real one. You can really touch it it isn't virtual! And you can kick it and score a goal! Amazing! It is almost like normal people can't touch a football anymore just play F.I.F.A. and pretend to play it because only the greats can really touch a ball.

#2 - A Kite

Flying a kite is something that everyone can enjoy. You don't have to walk you can just let it go and watch it rip if you want. I think every child should fly at least one kite in their life, if only to experience it.

#1 - A Bike

I am sorry but I think nothing trumps a bike for a kid that may be my ignorant opinion but you put a bike in front of a child's face and you will get a squeal that has always been my opinion. That has always been my experience. I have never seen a kid who didn't like a bike. Never.Bike all the way.

I have an extra gift that to me is priceless and that, of course, is a book. To me there is nothing like a book and I would like to think that there are some children left out there who think the same.

There are my ten and I know these are things that may not be cut out for every child.

Some just may be better suited to the gadgets and the gismos but maybe just maybe they might like it.



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