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Ten Ways To Eat A Cadbury Creme Easter Egg

Updated on April 18, 2014
Do you know all the ways to eat a Cadbury Egg this Easter?
Do you know all the ways to eat a Cadbury Egg this Easter? | Source

This morning I read a terrific hub about Cadbury eggs. As I was reading it, I had this horrible thought. What if there were people in the world that didn't know that there were different ways to eat Cadbury Creme Eggs?

I know there were advertisements set forth by the company to encourage people to get creative...but what if someone happened to miss them? I decided I couldn't go to bed with that on my conscience.

If you are a fan of the delicious creme filled treats that Cadbury candy company offers at Easter, then you probably have your favorite way of eating them. But the joy of devouring these chocolate delights is enhanced when you experiment with different methods of consumption.

Read on to learn the ten best ways to eat a Cadbury Creme Egg:

#1 Whole Hog

This method is the most popular option for when the first eggs appear in the candy section after a year's hiatus. You buy the first Cadbury egg of the season.

Then you unwrap it and stuff the whole thing in your mouth as soon as you are out of the store. This is also the best way of eating someone else's Cadbury egg...before they have a chance to catch you.

If you are afraid that your mouth size will not accommodate the standard Cadbury egg, don't worry! There are miniature versions of this treat too.

#2. Soft Boiled

For the delicate eater, who prefers a sophisticated approach.

  1. Place your unwrapped egg on an egg cup, (or if you aren't terribly sophisticated you can use a bottle cap or a candle holder).
  2. Tap a hole gently into to the top of your Cadbury egg, trying to avoid dropping any "shell" into the creamy insides.
  3. Now, insert a large straw and sip your fill of filling.

You can also slice off the entire egg top and use a spoon. After wards, enjoy eating the chocolate shell.

#3.Tropical Island Style

This approach is much like "Soft Boiled Egg". You need to puncture the egg with some rustic survival tool, such as a bamboo skewer.

Now you can tip the egg up and allow the creme to slide into your mouth. You may even suck it out if no one is watching.

If the egg is well sealed, you may need to make two holes, much like a vampire bite, to release the vacuum that is holding the filling hostage. The second hole is a good place to insert a small paper umbrella for that true "tropical vacation"feel.

Fun egg hunt...searching for Cadbury's among other, lesser eggs.
Fun egg hunt...searching for Cadbury's among other, lesser eggs. | Source

#6. The Right Way

Whereas there isn't an "official" right way to eat your egg, the experts at Cadbury have done countless hours of research to see what method is the most commonly used.

53% of all Cadbury Egg lovers eat their eggs the same way, by biting off half of the egg and licking the cream out of the shell. If you are worried about being a non-conformist, then this is the way for you.

If you have already been eating your eggs another way, don't panic. It isn't too late to rehabilitate yourself. After practicing this technique for a few days (or eggs) you will be able to eat your eggs the right way like a natural.

#5. Cadbury Eggsicle

Experience the ultimate treat by popping your chocolate eggs in the freezer for a few hours before you eat them. Place them on a Popsicle stick first if you want to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center. Or, if you want to get right to the good stuff first, cut your eggs in half before you freeze them.

#4. On The Half Shell

Here you must either have a very large mouth, or the patience to slice the egg carefully. If you look closely at your unwrapped egg, you will see that it has a natural seam line, much like an equator traveling around it.

If you carefully bite or slice through the egg on this line, you will be rewarded with one half of the eggshell filled with creamy fondant. The other half will be an empty shell. Break the whole side into pieces and use it to dip the filling from the other side.

Maximize on this experience by preparing several eggs at once, so that you can enjoy uninterrupted pleasure once you begin dipping.

#8. Three Bite Delight

If you aren't up to trying the Whole Hog method of eating a Cadbury Egg, or if you are in polite company, try this:

  1. Unwrap your egg in sections.
  2. Take three equal bites as you unwrap.

This will prolong the satisfaction, as you can almost imagine that you are eating three eggs rather than only one.

#7. In The Dark

Believe it or not, there are people in the world who are repelled by the sight or thought of Cadbury egg filling. This could be one of those issues that Freud addressed.

Or it could be that that the filling looks too much like a real raw egg.Maybe there are people out there that don't like raw egg and with chocolate...which is sad, because without raw eggs, there would be no such thing as chocolate cake.

Anyhow, for those that are slightly repulsed by the thought of gulping down a slimy, sweet replica of egg innards, the solution is as simple as turning off the lights before eating.

Without proper illumination, the other senses will be heightened. As soon as the nose tunes into that scent of chocolate, all thoughts of revulsion will be magically dispelled.


#9. Messy Eggs

Still like playing pretend games? This is a fun way to eat Cadbury eggs with children, and adults who don't mind sticky hands. "Crack" your egg on the side of a bowl and let the filling fall into the dish. Just like cracking a "real" egg.

This works better if the egg is room temperature. You can commence to eat the broken shell and contents in any fashion that strikes your fancy. Use your spoon, your fingers, or lap it up like a kitten.

Ten Ways To Eat A Cadbury Egg

Which One Of These Methods Is Your Favorite?

See results

#10. Eggs In A Basket

Also know as Cadbury Egg hoarding, this method of eating these Easter treats is very serious and indicates an underlying mental illness. People who eat Cadbury's this way often buy them in bulk during the Easter season, then hide them away in various places around the house.

Hardcore hoarders will even estimate the number of eggs they need to buy in order to support their habit throughout the year. To do this yourself, pretend you are a mother hen preparing a nest of Cadbury eggs. Purchase your eggs and hide them in

  • Baskets,
  • Buckets,
  • Cookie jars,
  • Dresser drawers,
  • Unused cabinets,
  • Vases,
  • Flower pots

And other assorted places where spouses are least likely to look.

Sneak out late at night, and eat your eggs quickly. Just remember to brush away the tell-tale smell of chocolate before returning to bed.

Happy Gooey Eating

Now that you have read these many new methods for eating your Cadbury eggs, you have no excuse for not rushing to the store and buying one or two. They are cheap, fun, delicious...and calorie free.

No! Really! Nowhere is it stamped in chocolate on a Cadbury egg that it is bad for you! Besides...eggs are protein. Right? So just tell your guilty conscience and your scales that you are making a healthy choice...and treat yourself to some gooey goodness while they are still available!

The culprits who got us addicted to creme eggs.
The culprits who got us addicted to creme eggs. | Source

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