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Thank You Gift Basket Ideas

Updated on March 8, 2012

There are so many different reasons for giving someone or a group of people a thank you gift. It is so important in life to be grateful to those who have done something special for you or has considered you to be important in their lives.

Saying "Thank You" to someone for the effort that they put into perhaps helping you with a big problem or just being there for you when you most needed someone to lean on is very important.

Making that person feel as special as they made you feel is a good feeling for you both.

Don't take people for granted when they go the extra mile for you and supporting you. Give a Thank you gift basket filled with special goodies that you know would make that person feel great and appreciative of your generosity.

Here are Some Thank You Gift Basket Ideas

When considering what thank you gifts to give, you can never go wrong with thank you gift baskets that are filled with many goodies incuding.

  • chocolate
  • cookies
  • wine
  • specialty cheeses
  • different types of fruit
  • personalized items
  • specialty coffees
  • mugs
  • wine glasses

These gift baskets are bound to create an unforgettable impression about the giver of the gift. Instead of just giving one item, it would be a great idea to give a basketful full of their favorite items. This will show your real gratitude.

There are many occasions in life when we all need to give thank you gifts to special people in our lives. Using the words "thank you" may be pleasant but sometimes that is not enough to show gratitude for whatever that special someone has done for you.

These gifts can be given to parents, other family members, friends, colleagues at work and even teachers. The gifts should be as customized as possible to suit the personality and need of the person who you are giving the gift to.

Creating Your Own Gift Basket

Giving unique thank you gifts is a perfect way to show the thoughtfulness that went into choosing the gift.

Consider creating a thank you gift basket that you can customize like a custom photo album for example that includes photos of special memories is quite unique and will be treasured forever.

You could also include some homemade gourmet treats or foods that you know your friend or family will appreciate or you can customize it into a secret recipe complete with all the ingredients that they will need.

Also unique to put into the gift basket is a burned CD of the that persons favorite music.

Thank You Gifts for Parents

Your parents can never be thanked enough for their contribution to not only our well being but also for the special relationship that you hopefully have with them. Thank you gifts for parents will go a long way to show how much you appreciate them and love them.

Thank you gifts for parents are ideal for the special days in your parents' lives.

The best present to give them during their wedding anniversary or Valentines Day would be something that will bring memories of their love. A photo frame with their first photo together is a perfect gift along with perhaps a nice bottle of wine or champagne with wine glasses or champagne flutes.

During their birthdays, Fathers day and Mothers day, a customized gift basket for each one of them will work wonderfully to say that you love them and appreciate them as your parent or parents.

Some of the examples that can be created into a special gift basket for adult and parents can include:

  • Wine
  • throws
  • handkerchiefs
  • love poems
  • photo albums
  • Gourmet Cheese and specialty crackers
  • gourmet coffee and mugs
  • specialty teas with mugs
  • gourmet chocolates and nuts

Thank you gifts can transform the relationship between the giver and the special person receiving the gift into something special. The best is to not only send the gift but if possible, be there to share the contents with that special person. Talking about what's in it and enjoying some real laughs together.


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    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 5 years ago from United States

      Awesome Hub!!! I definitely agree that we should not take people for granted, but go the extra mile to give a thank you gift. Great gift basket ideas.