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Thank-You Notes for Daycare Providers and Teachers

Updated on November 5, 2017
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Oyewole Folarin loves writing greeting card messages and helping others find the words they need for life's special moments.

What should you write in a thank you card to a daycare provider or teacher for caring for your child while you’re away? This article has an original collection of messages that are perfect for someone who has a positive impact on your comfort and your child’s growth. These thank you notes, appreciation messages, and goodbye letter below will inspire you to write your own personalized card or letter.

Words to Say Thank You, and Appreciation Messages Example

Sample Messages for Daycare Providers

  • Thank you for providing a friendly atmosphere for our children to learn and grow. All your teachers and workers are reliable, respectful, caring, and fun-loving people. You’re truly the best!
  • I’m so excited to see that someone is there to keep an eye on my child's safety and ensuring that [he/she] is happily entertained while I'm away. Thanks so much for going above and beyond watching [him/her] learn and grow.
  • While I’m in the office, my mind is always at ease just because I know that my [son/daughter] is in a safe place learning and catching fun with [his/her] peers at the center. Thanks for the positive impact on my child’s well-being!
  • I’d like to thank you for making it possible for parents to visit their kids at their own convenient time to see how they were been taken care of.
  • Thank you for being one of the secrets to my son/daughter’s healthy eating habits. I have no doubt that the lessons imparted unto him/her will help my child live a healthy lifestyle when he/she grows up.
  • I’m so excited to find out that my child is enrolled in one of the best daycare centers in the county. Thank you for making early childhood education and children’s safety your primary focus.
  • Thank you for providing the best childcare facilities to make learning and other fun activities easy and fun for young children. I really appreciate the services that you’re providing for the kids and I’ll always be thankful to you for giving me peace of mind and comfort at work.
  • Let me use this thank you card as a small token to genuinely express my gratitude to you for being kind and caring to my children.
  • Thank you for being strict about children’s safety, and for encouraging parents to endeavor to get their kids up-to-date on vaccines before coming for registration at your daycare center.
  • I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for caring for my children more than I have ever thought of. The real difference you’re making is immeasurable. And I’ll keep thanking you for everything that my children have gained in the last two years.
  • I see myself lucky finding your daycare center. You have the best childcare facilities to make both teaching and learning interesting. Thanks so much for making [name of your child] feel better each and every day. What a fantastic daycare center!
  • How can I express gratitude to someone who has given so much of his time and energy paying attention to my child’s growth and education? I’ll always be grateful to you!
  • Thank you for providing a safe environment for toddlers to learn and have fun! You are one in a million!


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Sample Messages for Daycare Teachers

  • Thanks so much for being friendly, kind, caring, and patient with my baby [boy/girl]. I cannot thank you enough for encouraging my child to always wait in line patiently, for making my child feel happy and comfortable with his/her peers.
  • Thank you for teaching them the basic skills they’ll need to realize their full potential in future. What an amazing teacher you are!
  • Thanks so much for instilling in [name of your child] the spirit of love, sharing, taking turn, and courage. Thanks again for influencing my child’s life in so many ways.
  • Your methods of teaching simple counting, art and craft are outstanding. I’m seeing great improvement in my child's cognitive and social development.
  • Thank you for your care each and every day—changing diapers, feeding them, assisting them to use the potty, for never getting upset with them when they make mistake, and for laughing at their mistake to help them feel at ease exploring right ways of doing things on their own.
  • Thanks so much for your efforts each and every day—consoling and comforting my kids, feeding them, changing diapers and bathing them while I’m away from them.
  • I wanted to write to let you know that your hard work does not go unnoticed. I will never forget the lasting impression that you're leaving on my kid's life.
  • I just wanted to let you know how much I value your profession and to tell you that I’m seeing a great result in my child’s oral expression. Thanks for being so helpful to my child all year through.
  • Thank you for giving my child a sense of belonging, happiness, and comfort while in your class. [Name of your child] has gained so much from your positive attitudes.
  • Thanks so much for keeping [him/her] happily entertained, loved, and cared for during the day.
  • I appreciate you for being the most fun-loving early childhood education teacher any child could look at. I really appreciate everything he has learned from you.
  • Dear, teacher, let me use this thank you note to express how much I appreciate the values you have instilled in my child especially—the use of potty, healthy eating habits, washing of hands with soap and water after using the restroom, and many more basic social skills needed in life. You’re so wonderful!
  • He is not getting his book torn again and can now turn to the next page of the book patiently. Your teachings are making a big difference. For that, I’ll always be thankful to you.
  • Thank you for your patience, hard work, and for spending most of your time responding to my child’s too much questioning. Thanks so much for developing [her/his] passion for learning.

What to Say When Your Child Is Leaving

Sample Thank You and Goodbye Messages

  • I really appreciate you for being there for [name of your child]—comforting, teaching, and showing love to [her/him] far beyond my expectation. I’m so excited and I feel at ease while in office simply because I know that my [daughter/son] is in safe place. You have no idea how much we’re going to miss you. Thanks so much for everything, and we hope to see you again in the future!
  • We really appreciate everything that you have done openly and behind the scenes to wipe away my child’s tears over the past years. Goodbye, teacher!
  • Thank you for caring for my [daughter/son]. I’m more than pleased having you as my child teacher and I truly appreciate your patience, hard work, and enthusiasm. Goodbye and we hope to visit you soon!
  • I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you for showing love to my child, for being fun-loving, and for being there for [him/her] for the past years. Good luck and wish you all the best!
  • Thank you for helping my child out at daycare. I really appreciate you for giving [her/him] a very strong background for the next level.
  • Thank you for playing an active role in my child’s growth and education. I really appreciate your valuable time spent with my baby [girl/boy] and all that you taught [her/him] in your class. We hope to meet again, bye!
  • Thank you for giving my child the best care that [she/he] deserve. At home, he/she talks more about how fantastic you are. He/she really enjoyed your class.
  • I just wanted to show my gratitude to you for giving [name of your child] such an excellent basic training needed in life. [She/he] really enjoyed having you as a teacher.
  • Thank you for being a fantastic example for my children. I have no doubt that the training they have received would be very useful to them as they move up to higher level.


Goodbye Letters

Sample Goodbye Letter to Daycare Provider

Dear _____,

I’d like to thank you for making your place a comfortable zone for children to learn and grow into adulthood. For the first time, I was a bit nervous leaving my child with you. At the same time, I wanted to return to my full-time job to make some extra bucks to support my family income.

However, as I was pondering with this, something gave me that confidence that I have found a second home where my child will be nurtured. The serene environment, the fresh air blowing everywhere, the pleasant odor, the spacious toddlers’ rooms, and the warm reception from your friendly staff all put my mind at ease that I have found the right place for my child to stay while I’m away.

Again, accept my sincere gratitude for every smile you put on my child’s face, for teaching [him/her] how to be contented, for being friendly and caring, and for all the happy moments shared with my [son/daughter] all year through. Goodbye and we hope to meet again soon.


[Your Name]

Sample Goodbye Letter to Daycare Teacher

Dear _____,

I wanted to write to say a big thank you to you for being a kind and caring person to my [son/daughter]. [He/she] has learned so much from you in the last three years and I cannot thank you enough for your patience, guidance, care, commitment, and kindness.

Thanks so much for engaging my [son/daughter] with interesting activities all year through. You have left a lasting impression on my child's life. Indeed, you’re a fantastic role model not only to young children but to many other working parents. Thanks once again for everything that you have done.

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

© 2017 Oyewole Folarin


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    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 5 weeks ago from Brazil

      Excellent examples of what to write. I think thank you notes and cards are underused in today's society. That is a shame because a handwritten card means so much to someone.

      Your article will make it much easier for someone to spread some joy.