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Thanksgiving Analysis for English

Updated on April 28, 2010


Jordan Scott

Poetry Analysis


            I really liked “Thanksgiving” By Edgar Albert Guest because it was cheerful and upbeat. He described Thanksgiving exactly how it is for me, and most families I know. On Thanksgiving, I laugh with the people I love more than any time of year. I really liked how he rhymed because it made the poem have a beat and flow nicely. Although it was a very joyful poem, he had hints of reality in it. The time he talked about the mother being grayer and the father being older was kind of sad, but that’s just life. The kids all growing up was bound to happen, and it was nice that they all come back to one place where they all grew up, they all have that one home in common with each other even though they have their own lives and families. They have great food and great conversation and it makes me think of the Thanksgiving I used to have with my entire family- although now I only go to Florida and sometimes I wish I could still have those big family get-togethers. Being with family is probably my favorite activity to do- your family always accepts you no matter who you’ve become or what you have done in your life. That’s another reason why I want to have a big family when it’s my turn to have children.

            I like how the author has a southern tinge on his poem- or at least that how I think it sounds by him saying “gettin together” and “tellin our stories”.

            The poem kind of calms down, turns a little tranquil when Edgar talks about when they bow their heads to pray. They have respect for Thanksgiving. The point of Thanksgiving is to realize how much happiness you have in your life. What better way to realize that then to have all the people who love you sitting around a table with happy faces and congratulating each other on everything they’ve accomplished in life.


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