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Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Table Decorations

Updated on October 16, 2011

Beautiful Thanksgiving table decorations

Beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces and table decorations

Are you looking for Thanksgiving centerpieces and table decorations? If so you have come to the right place to find a variety of different Thanksgiving table decor tips.

Many people throw massive parties and celebrations on Thanksgiving and if you are one of these people you may be searching for some inspiration as how to decorate your table for dinner. Firstly the good news is that you still have plenty of time to select the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece and table decoration as Thanksgiving does not take place until November 24th 2011.

While ultimately the food and the laughter are the most important parts of Thanksgiving the decor also sets the scene. If you are keen to impress your friends and family with some great centerpieces you will be pleased you visited this page. There will be several bargain and some not so cheap Thanksgiving centrepieces on show here. I can only recommend you buy early to avoid being disappointed. It is extremely frustrating if the item you want has sold out a few days before you need it.

This page will provide different Thanksgiving centerpieces and table decorations as well as other decor tips for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Decor

When I think of Thanksgiving I think of turkey, autumn, autumn leaves, the colors brown and orange and celebration. Thanksgiving centerpieces are based on a mixture of these. You can use the same centrepiece year after year or you can buy a new one each year depending on how much money you are planning on spending on your Thanksgiving festivities.

My top 5 Thanksgiving centerpieces and table decorations are featured below, with a short review of each. I do hope you find something you love.

Autumn Themed Centerpieces are perfect for Thanksgiving

Why just decorate your table on Thanksgiving when you can decorate it all throughout October and November with these 5 great centerpieces. You may wish to buy two centerpieces, a cheaper one and a slightly more expensive one, which you can keep specially for Thanksgiving.

The first Autumn or Thanksgiving centerpiece I have chosen is the most expensive one. However Amazon are great at offering discounts and this particular one has $20 reduction and is selling out fast. It is the fall harvest thanksgiving pumpkin, gourd and leaf cornucopia centerpiece, which will look great on any table, and can even be mounted on the wall. It is a classy table decoration which would be suitable for an Autumn themed wedding as well as thanksgiving dinner.

Perhaps you are planning a combination of different Thanksgiving table decorations or centerpieces? If so you may wish to buy the second item I have featured - the Thanksgiving pilgrim figures. The man and woman Pilgrim figures hold bountiful baskets of freshly picked pumpkins, grapes and corn making them ideal for a harvest, autumn or thanksgiving centerpiece. You could use these with some beautiful candles to decorate your table.

If you love candles you will adore the third item I have featured which is a fall candle holder centerpiece surrounded by Autumn leaves. This metal candle holder has space for 5 candles and is surrounded by brown, green, yellow and orange leaves as well as acorns.

The last two Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas feature Autumn colored flowers. Flowers are always a great table decoration.

Turkey Centerpieces

Turkey centerpieces are perfect for Thankgiving and they can even be reused at Christmas. Even better news is the fact that they are very well priced; some are available for less than $5.

Although if I was buying one I would probably splash out $11 for the fiber optic one. It stands out so much more than the non light up ones, plus it would be great on the table if you were eating when its dark outside.

Do you decorate your table for Thanksgiving

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