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Thanksgiving Day Of Long Ago

Updated on November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Of Long Ago

Thanksgiving was always a busy day

Back in those years long gone by. 

You could hear laughter of older folk

Mixed in with a new born baby's cry..

Thanksgiving was always a happy day,

When all of the family clan came in.

They would talk of things they'd seen

And of the places where they had been

Turkey on the table, dressing ,gravy too,

Mom's rolls and pumpkin pie,just  try it,

Peas ,noodles,cranberries and cole slaw.

Thanksgiving was not a good day to diet.

After the  meal is over , all belts loosened,

Then  it's time to pull away from the table

Maybe the men would play horseshoe,

After such a meal  only if they were able

Next year they would all be back again .

See the same people, eat the same food..

And reminiscence of the days in between.

If life had been bad or if it had been good..

Now In going back through my  mind's eye,

I can  not remember hearing anyone pray ,

And thank God and ask Him now to join us.

God is the reason for our Thanksgiving Day!


We wonder how many in this day and age

do  not know why we have a day of thanks 

Or who we are thanking, so many  lost .

souls lived and have died in their sins,   

never  knowing there was a Savior who   

could  change their lives forever.It is not 

too late for the people who are ignorant 

of God learn about Him and accept the

Love that He has to offer to us,search 

for Him now while He can still be found  !


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    • profile image

      nikashi_designs 6 years ago

      Really beautiful words and visions of memories past that make way for new memories. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.