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Thanksgiving Dinner Preparations

Updated on November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner Party made easy
Thanksgiving Dinner Party made easy

10 Steps to Thanksgiving Made Easy

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where our family and friends love to come together on. We have so much to be thankful for that we forget to thank ourselves for creating such a lovely event. The preparations may become stressful at times from the meal planning to shopping and finally getting the bird on the table. It doesn't have to be as stressful as it sounds. I can remember as a child sleeping while my mother spent all night cooking. It wasn't until I started hosting Thanksgiving, the realization of it all dawned on me. With this in mind, I've decided to create a 10 step Thanksgiving Day Preparations made easy.

Step 1.

Always view your budget.

Plan to spend at least $400.00 for a family of 4. This will cover the cost of all your groceries. You can save $50.00 every week for 2 months prior to the date of shopping. Most grocery stores will give away free turkeys if you spend $300.00 in their store. You'll have $100.00 extra dollars left for your decorations. The least expensive way to decorate is to have your children make turkeys on construction paper using their hand-print outlines. Or simple chargers and real fruit and veggies.

Step 2.

Compose your guest list and set the time of your dinner.

If you have this family of 4 and inviting guest, figure out how much room you have to accommodate comfortably. An average Thanksgiving Party is 20 guest. Play around with your furniture to maximize your space for additional tables and chairs. Phone up your guest atleast 3 weeks in advance and request that they bring a covered dish. This will save you money as well. Nine times out of ten, they will leave the leftovers at your house as a thank-you for the invite. Plan your dinner party for 5 pm. This will give you more time to prepare and give your guest plenty of time to travel.

Step 3.

Create a fun game to play.

We all know that the turkey is the last thing to hit the table. This would be a fun time for your guest to play a game to keep their minds off the dinner. Look online for games or use board games such as 'Monopoly'. If games are not an option, get an up-to-date movie for them to watch while you make the final preparations. Men love to watch the football game. Designate a room just for the fellas to indulge in sports bliss. Don't forget the beer. For the ladies, get them to help you in the kitchen or they can watch a chick flick.

Step 4.

Go shopping.

Shopping should be done by the Monday before Thanksgiving. This allows you more time to cook. In case you forgot something you'll always have time to run to the grocery store. You would want to shop early to avoid long lines and the store not having what you need.

Step 5.

Reorganize your home.

Set up your home to accommodate everyone comfortably at two days before Thanksgiving. This works fro many people. As for me, I reorganize my home atleast one month in advance. While you are reorganizing, cleaning is taking place as well. You would want to give your home a fresh clean up at least two days ahead of time. This will give you more time in the kitchen and not all over the house trying to cook and clean at the same time. If anything gets dirty, you can easily touch up without having to get down to the nitty gritty.

Step 6.

Prepare all your side dishes.

Most of your side dishes can be prepared two days in advance. Prep your dishes and refrigerate. Make sure you have enough space in your refrigerator. Try not to buy food that isn't needed for Thanksgiving. This will only crowd your space and most likely the food will go bad if not consumed. Brine your turkey, marinate your meats, and place them in a cool place to sit until ready to cook. Roast Beef can sit in the refrigerator marinating up to 4 days. The turkey can brine for 8-12 hours possibly overnight if in a bucket full of ice. Go to recipes and holiday tips.

Step 7.

One day before Thanksgiving.

Not much to do on this day but your deserts. Bake all your pies, cookies, and cakes this day. This will free up your space in the oven. Try doing them early in the morning because you will need your nights for the meats. Prepare your veggies at night too and refrigerate. The only two things you should be doing on Thanksgiving is heating up everything and making your salads to be served.

Step 8.

Set up your decorations and tables.

This can be done the night before Thanksgiving or the morning of. If you do it the night before, if you come up with a new idea, there is always time to implement them. This way, when your guest come, they will be greeted with splendor and warmth and immediately be put into the Thanksgiving spirit. Play some holiday music upon their arrival. Music and food are two things that brings people together.

Step 9.


I can not express how important rest is for this day. Try to have everything done by 11pm and get full 8 hours of sleep. No one likes to be around a host who is exhausted. This makes your guest feel rushed and unwelcome. You would want to be well rested so you can enjoy the holiday with your guest. Be easy and rest well.

Step 10.

Enjoy your day with family and friends. AND Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


I pray that these 10 steps have helped you all. These are the same steps that I follow religiously. Remember to get your children involved in the planning. Nothing like an extra set of hands. Don't drink or do drugs and drive. Don't forget to share in your thanks to your family, friends, and God for the many of blessings seen and unseen each and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving to all
Happy Thanksgiving to all


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